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Why was Genshin Impact delayed on Nintendo Switch?

More than a year ago, a Genshin Impact Switch version was announced. Now after months of waiting, new information has been discovered about this port.
Why was Genshin Impact delayed on Nintendo Switch?

More than half a year has passed since the launch of Genshin Impact, miHoYo's RPG which has captivated millions of players thanks to its story, setting, and its large number of characters, being available for both PC, mobile, PS4, and more recently, PS5. However, since its release, a question has been left in the air by the millions of fans of the game who await its arrival to the Nintendo's hybrid console: When will Genshin Impact be released on the Switch?

Genshin Impact Switch delay reason

For those who don’t know (or may even forgot about it), Genshin Impact was slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch more than a year ago, being confirmed through an official teaser trailer through the game’s YouTube channel, which you can see below:

After that, no other news has been announced around the port for the hybrid console, and with an updated version for PlayStation 5 available some days ago, and the E3 2021 being closer and closer, many players have been more than impatient to know anything about this future launch.

Now thanks to an insider from Genshin Report, a group specialized in revealing confidential information of this popular title, has revealed the delay in its launch is due to the limited power with the hardware of the console, something that has hindered its development.

Genshin Impact Switch delay reason weaker hardware release date?(Picture: Genshin Report via Twitter)

This would not be the first time that rumours have arisen about the delay of this version, since a couple of months ago it was reported the developers had problems with the implementation of microtransactions and compatibility with the eShop, via DualShockers.

Despite this, the insider has also confirmed the development of this port is still ongoing, so it is expected more information about the game will be released during the course of the year.

Genshin Impact Switch delay reason weaker hardware release date?(Picture: miHoYo)

At the moment we only have to wait for the news the miHoYo team has prepared for the launch of Update 1.6, which will bring with it a lot of new content as part of the pre-debut of the Inazuma region, including a new character based on the ronin warriors.

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