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That "Gaming" Show, Cole and Stumpy go 'late-night' in latest show for GinxTV

What happens when you take the world of late-night talk shows and introduce them to gaming? Emile "Cole" Cole and Alex “Stumpy” Knight are going to help us find out in That "Gaming" Show, a brand new series debuting on Ginx TV.
That "Gaming" Show, Cole and Stumpy go 'late-night' in latest show for GinxTV

Jimmy Fallon, Michael Parkinson, Craig Ferguson and Graham Norton; talk show host holds an almost deified place in the hearts of nations on both sides of the Atlantic and looking to join that list -- at least in their own way -- are Emile "Cole" Cole and Alex "Stumpy" Knight with the pair are set to host That "Gaming" Show, a tongue-in-cheek take on the American late-night format.

In a brand new show for GinxTV, Cole and Stumpy will take a sideways look at the latest news and stories in gaming, esports and entertainment featuring special guests, reviews of the latest games and hardware, and plenty of hijinks between the longtime co-hosts.

Of course, this isn't Cole and Stumpy's first rodeo on GinxTV, having in the past fronted the Daily Download and Lockdown, though the pair feel that returning to the studio after 18 covid-spoiling months, they can go bigger and better than ever with their ideas.

That Gaming ShowCole and Stumpy return to the studio for the first time since February of last year for That Gaming Show. (Picture: GinxTV)

"It's been an exhausting 18 months for all of us, and we've felt increasingly cooped up making content in our rooms," said Cole speaking at the announcement of That Gaming Show. "Being back in the studio will give us so much ENERGY - and Stumpy will get to throw things at me again and I've missed that."

Stumpy has clearly missed that too; joining Cole on announcing the show, he makes frequent mentions of "bouncing" ideas off one another. 

And on what 'late night' show inspires them, Stumpy offers an emphatic answer: "Cole is clearly Conan (ginger), and I'm James Corden (hated)."

Cole, as he often does, puts a little more thought into it: "Graham Norton does it better than anyone - making his guests feel comfortable enough to get their talons out and share their deepest, darkest and funniest stories.

"Realistically, I'll be good chatty daytime TV cop, and Stumpy will be mean cop. So between us, we'll cover the whole range!"

On guests, they remain tight-lipped, though as the pair recently made the step up to casting the Rocket League Championship Series after several years as some of the biggest content creators in the game, the opportunity for appearances from gaming and esports biggest stars is there.

That Gaming Show Cole and StumpyCole and Stumpy are two of the most recognisable names and faces in the world of Rocket League. (Picture: GinxTV)

"One week it might be a genuine esports superstar; the next it'll be some bloke who holds the world record for most losses in Tetris," said Cole.

Though whoever does take up the offer, be warned; you will have to leave the ego at the studio door.

"Whoever's on will have to do the same dumb stuff so let's wait and see," Cole added.

That "Gaming" Show lands on GinxTV on 7th July at 8 pm BST. It will be available for digital viewers on the GinxTV digital platform shortly after.