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The First Hour is back! Brand new episodes from Ant and Sav coming to Ginx TV

One of Ginx TV's most popular shows is back and Ant and Sav can't wait to bring the madness once again.
The First Hour is back! Brand new episodes from Ant and Sav coming to Ginx TV

One of Ginx TV’s most popular shows is making its return, eight months after it last aired.

The First Hour which features Anthony Richardson and Adam Savage aka 'Ant and Sav' returns for another season and another sideways look at the world of gaming. 

Each week the pair will play some of the best games of 2021, with all the chaos and comedy that has made the show one of the most beloved on the channel.

ant and sav the first hour 2021 new episodes
Ant (right) and Sav (left) return to the The First Hour after a 10-month hiatus. (Picture: Ginx TV)

Filming starts in late August with the show expected to air in October.

The last new episode aired in December of last year and speaking to Ginx.tv the boys said they were desperate to get back -- though Sav claimed it could have come much sooner if it weren’t for his co-hosts' ludicrous demands.

To learn more check out our interview with Ant and Sav below.

You can catch the first episode of The First Hour on GinxTV on 7th October (9 pm BST). It will be available for digital viewers on the GinxTV digital platform shortly after.

The First Hour is back! It is one of our most popular shows, you guys must be excited?


At this point, we all know the First Hour has taken this long to return because SOMEONE (Ant) has finally had all his demands met by the team (honestly...who has a rider which includes unicycle lessons and a cobbler in case of a "shoe emergency"? Mental.) Sorry to the fans it's taken so long, blame Anthony Diva-son.

I, however, am DE-LIGHTED we are back with a brand new season. First Hour is without a doubt one of the greatest shows to be a part of as we don't stop laughing and enjoying every minute from the moment we walk on set. It's been almost a year, and dammmmmmn does it feel good to be back baby!


Hi, Ant here. I'll admit it, my rider was excessive. But I need that cobbler. You never know when you'll find yourself in a shoe emergency, and trust me you don't want to see my feet. 

I'm buzzing for all new First Hour! It's been too long and there's so many games to play! 

What have you been up to since you guys were last on? 


We've been up to plenty, that's for sure. I've learned how to touch my nose with my tongue. I've become really good at it and am considering going pro. I now put condiments on the tip of my nose whenever I want a quick snack. 

What is in store for the new season?


Ant will probably show up in his parent's clothes as usual, whatever I wear will be bespoke to contour my 6/10 frame. SO MANY NEW GAMES to play, **we've been working hard to pick the best of the best for you brilliant viewers. So excited to get started and no doubt there'll be many a Crash Bandicoot reference because it seems to be the only game Ant genuinely remembers the name of from the last 15yrs.

**I'VE (!!) been working hard grinding out new games to showcase on FH to provide you guys with the best, funniest content. Ant's just been eating vegan sausages watching cricket in his pants the whole time.


OK, firstly there's nothing wrong with wearing your parents' clothes. You share DNA, so why not share a thong? This season is going to be bigger and better than ever before. I can't reveal exactly how it will be bigger and better but it involves costumes, grade A bantz and leg waxing. Get excited, because we've been trapped indoors for 12 months and we are BRINGING it. 

We get a lot of messages asking when First Hour is coming back but one in particular stuck out it says, "Anthony should get better at games", how do you respond?

This is frankly libellous but I'll do my best to answer without flying into a rage. I proudly represent those who love games but are terrible at them. So I will NEVER improve, you hear me? Never! Plus someone has to make
Sav look good.