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Top 10 things gamers hate

Top 10 things gamers hate

Gamers aren't always easy to satisfy. For every great moment in a game, there are five little issues that can be enough to tip us over the edge. Here, we've got Adam Savage presenting the top 10 things gamers hate. If you're not able to watch the video right now, you can scroll down to read the transcript. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEdLeS_XDhA&feature=youtu.be


10. Cut scenes

Cut scenes are developers’ chance to showcase their graphical might, build on the story and transition to the next section of a game, but we’ve all experienced cut scenes that seemed to last for hours, you know the ones, the ones that served no real purpose aside from torturing us with awkward dialogue, boring backstory or the villain’s plan for world domination. Even worse were the unskippable cut scenes you had to watch in full every time you died and had to replay the mission. 9. People asking for a pause The magic of online gaming is it generally happens in real-time, you have to react quickly and be on your toes at all time. That’s why having someone ask for a pause is enough to make your blood boil. Whether it’s an enemy team-mate who has disconnected or just received a parcel, or a family member asking you to pause so you can finish some chores. Pausing in an online game is never going to go down well, especially after you waited five or ten minutes to find one. If you’re not ready to play then don't play, am I right? 8. Updates Long gone are the days where you picked up a complete game, no, these days developers are keen to prolong the lifespan of their game and upload countless updates, many of which you don’t know are coming. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as sitting down for some online multiplayer action with your mates only to be confronted with an update, often for features you don’t even care about like a new event or seasonal skins. It’s even worse when the update eats away at your precious game time. 7. Pay to win A growing trend among developers is to incorporate pay to win options, whether it’s a new gun or a new ability. Cash out on a pre-order or a limited edition loot box and you can sometimes be rewarded with an unfair advantage over your fellow gamers. What is more, sometimes developers hide features behind a paywall, leaving you with an incomplete experience and raging at yet another death to a fully-stacked player in Star Wars Battlefront 2. As EA learned, hell hath no fury like a pissed-off gamer. 6. Lag Ah, the bane of every gamer: lag. The often uncontrollable delay in your gaming experience that can result in you missing shots and spells, getting killed, or forcing you to enjoy a Powerpoint presentation of a game. Lag can turn sane individuals into ragers, and when it's beyond your control you feel the world is turning against you, robbing you of fun and let’s be honest... making your friends and enemies think you’re a massive noob. 5. Dishonest developers Developers make promises, they tease us with stunning visual trailers at shows like E3. They bait us with screenshots, new features, multiplayer options and brand new characters. However, they don’t always deliver what they promised and overhyped titles that look nothing like the original trailer are a pet peeve of gamers worldwide. It’s even more criminal when features that were promised or expected are not added, *cough* Fable 2, locked inside lootboxes *cough* Star Wars BattleFront 2, or turned into expensive DLC *cough* Final Fantasy 15. 4. Campers FPS gamers pride themselves on their quick reactions and map awareness, but there are some who prefer to cower in the toilets in a house in PUBG or hug a wall in Overwatch waiting to get you with a lazy cheap kill. We get it, it’s scary to go into the open but your not impressing anyone campers, you’re just lying to yourselves that you’re good at the game. ‘Oh you’re just salty because I’m more clever than you’, No we’re salty because you’ve done nothing but hide in a toilet for the last ten minutes with a shotgun in your hand. Get out and fight! 3. Feeders In online games where death can give away experience, gold or sometimes the game, having someone on your team who is deliberately dying ticks you right off. Whether it’s because their sulking about what happened earlier or because you’re not doing what they want, Feeders are game ruining and the fact someone is deliberately ruining your game and you are powerless to stop it can bring out the worst in us. Mid or feed anyone? 2. Rage Quitters One step up from feeders are rage quitters,  gamers who throw in the towel the moment they start losing. It could be a stranger online or your mate right next to you on the sofa, but whoever it is has a short fuse and simply cannot accept their failure or the failure of others. Rage quitters usually start out friendly with a bit of banter on voice comms, but things can get ugly very fast. Prepare for abuse and the realisation that you’ll have to win the game with one player less. Especially frustrating if you’re playing placement matches in Overwatch, just saying. 1. Hackers We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our skills, whether its our aim, our ability use, our movement or our teamwork. It’s been a grind but we know that we got to where we are from hard work, blood sweat and hours of gaming. So when any Tom, Dick or Harry appears with an aim bot, wall hack or any other form of underhanded third party "I’ve got no life so I want to ruin yours" software, gamers are justifiably furious. There’s nothing worse than a lowlife hacker turning up and ruining your game with his instant headshots or pre-programmed scripts. In the real world cheaters are sent off, fined, banned. Sadly that’s not always the case for hackers, and having your game ruined by someone not obeying the rules is a gamer’s worst nightmare, especially when they end with “gg ez”. Oh, you little…..