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Grounded Hit With Account, Xbox Sign-In & MP Crashing Issues

With the Grounded 1.4 update comes some issues, such as login troubles, game crashes, and more.
Grounded Hit With Account, Xbox Sign-In & MP Crashing Issues
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Obsidian's fantastic, unique crafting and survival title, Grounded, was finally released on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on 16 April 2024, inviting players on all platforms to shrink down and jump into the backyard with the Fully Yoked (1.4) update. However, just like any good science experiment, not everything went as planned.

Some Grounded players have been hit by issues, from Xbox sign-in troubles to multiplayer games crashing and players on different consoles being unable to connect. Obsidian even shared a Grounded issue tracker with fans, where you can see the progress on developer-side fixes for over a dozen issues since the 1.4 update was released, and players flooded in.

Grounded microsoft account login issues crashes multiplayer MP provisions
The developers are working on fixing any and all Grounded issues since the Fully Yoked update released. (Picture: Obsidian)

You can read all the current major issues for Grounded below, as outlined by the developer.

  • Players are getting an Account Provision Error when logging in.
  • Game crashes after a short time while playing on big saves.
  • Some players are unable to join a MP game.
  • Game does not let the player log into the Xbox Live account after running the game as administrator.
  • The game is crashing when trying to load MP games for some players.

There are several other smaller Grounded issues as well, such as textures clipping, players falling through the floor, and even very low mouse sensitivity in-game. Clearly, not everything went as planned.

Any Grounded Login or MP Issues Fixes?

At the time of writing, no general workaround will do the trick. There are no specific Grounded login or multiplayer issue fixes to share. The developers are, however, working very quickly on fixing the connection and account problems.

In the early hours of the morning on 17 April, Obsidian already fixed some connection problems players experienced on PS4 and PC and announced they were working on the fix for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Grounded has been a very stable game on Xbox and PC since before its 1.0 update even, so we don't expect these issues to stick around for long. If you are running into trouble playing grounded, we suggest just hanging on for a while...the backyard should become stable soon.