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All 99 Apprentice Quests & Rewards in Grounded

All 99 Apprentice Quests & Rewards in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Apprentice Quests in Grounded is a way to obtain a lot of Raw Science quickly, provided to you by BURG.L via the ASL Terminal.

The Apprentice Quests from BURG.L were first introduced with the Grounded 1.3 update, so if you haven't played Obsidian's survival title in a while, you might want to catch up on everything new.

Spoiler Warning: The list of BURG.L Apprentice Quests in Grounded does give away enemy types and areas later in the game.

99 BURG.L Apprentice Quests, Descriptions & Rewards in Grounded

Grounded apprentice quests how to unlock rewards raw science burgl ALS Terminal
You'll meet BURG.L after investigating the Oak Tree Explosion. (Picture: Alexandra Hobbs / Obsidian)

We are just going to cut to the chase right now. There are 99 Apprentice Quests in Grounded. These are considered mainline quests from BURG.L via the Advanced System Library (ASL). Once you complete the first quest, you'll unlock the second, continuing up to the final most challenging quests.

Players must complete 20 of these Apprentice Quests to unlock Daily Quests in Grounded. Furthermore, they are hidden until you discover them, and provide Grounded players with heaps of Raw Science upon completion. These quests function as a way of pushing players in the right direction and should definitely not be avoided.

Grounded apprentice quests how to unlock rewards raw science burgl ALS Terminal
Apprentice quests open up as you progress through the backyard, and completing one unlocks the next batch. (Picture: Obsidian)

Below, you can find a table featuring all 99 Apprentice Quests in Grounded, including short descriptions of what you need to do to complete them and the Raw Science you will earn in the process.

Quest No Apprentice Quest in Grounded Description/Requirement Raw Science Reward
01 Can You Dig It? Craft: Acorn Shovel. 100
02 Getting Grubby Kill x5 Grubs. 100
03 Scout's Training Build a Roasting Pit. 100
04 Trailblazer Build a Trail Marker. 100
05 Fly Swatter Kill x5 Crubs. 150
06 Roughing It Cook x3 Bug Meat on a Campfire. 150
07 Great Oak Beacon Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Oak Tree Beacon. 150
08 Sword & Board Craft a Weevil Shield. 150
09 Perfect Timing Perform a perfect block. 150
10 Mixologist Craft x5 Combat Smoothies. 200
11 Soldier Slayer Kill x3 Red Soldier Ants. 200
12 Chest Nut Build a Storage Chest. 200
13 Battle of the Gulch Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Trowel Gulch. 200
14 Hydration Station Craft x1 Canteen. 200
15 Bird Bath and Beyond Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Hedge Bird Bath. 250
16 Apprentice Smithy Upgrade an Armor or Weapon to Level 3. 250
17 Achille's Heel Land x5 hits on an enemy's weak point. 250
18 Big Bugs Kill Ladybug. 250
19 Faster Than a Speeding Ant Craft Aphid Slippers. 250
20 Spin Me Round Build a Spinning Wheel. 300
21 Larva Palaver Kill x3 Larva. 300
22 Teenage Mutant Activate x2 Mutations. 300
23 Cozy Digs Reach Coziness Level 1. 300
24 Morning Dew Build a Dew Collector. 300
25 A Stick in the Mud Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Western Wooden Post. 350
26 Will It Grind? Build a Grinder. 350
27 Slurry Fury Craft x3 Plant Slurry. 350
28 BFF Tame a pet in Grounded. 350
29 Bombs Away Kill x2  Bombardier Beetles. 350
30 Taxidermy Build a Stuffed Insect. 400
31 Good Luck Charm Increase the drop rate of a creature by rubbing a stuffed insect for luck. 400
32 Pest Control Kill a Mosquito. 400
33 Super Effective Kill an Orb Weaver by exploiting its spicy weakness. 400
34 Small Game Hunter Build a Mounted Bug Trophy 400
35 Small Game Hunter Increase damage against an insect by marking it as Foe by using its Mounted Bug Trophy. 450
36 I Believe! Build a connection between two Zipline Anchors. 450
37 Orb Crusher Kill x2 Orb Weaver Spiders. 450
38 Fruit by the Millimeter Craft x3 Berry Leather. 450
39 Jerky Time Build a Jerky Rack. 450
40 That Looks Infected Kill an Infected Mite. 500
41 Gourmet Chef Build a Cookery. 500
42 Weed Killer Peak Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Weed Killer Peak. 500
43 Bloodwork Craft x2  Healbasa. 500
44 Stinky Business Kill a Stinkbug. 500
45 Journeyman Smithy Upgrade weapon or armor to level 6. 550
46 Stuck Together Build a Glue Masher. 550
47 Among Them Equip the red ant armor part to receive a set bonus. 550
48 Lady Death Kill an Infected Ladybug. 550
49 A Good Night's Sleep Build a Simple Bed. 550
50 Staying Grounded Reach Coziness Level 2. 600
51 Hunt or Be Hunted Kill a Wolf Spider. 600
52 The Best Defense is Good Offense Build an Acorn Turret. 600
53 Atop the Highest Tower Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Sand Castle Tower. 600
54 King of the Hill Complete x1 MIX.R. 600
55 Bombardier Craft a Bratburst. 650
56 All Patched Up Repair a level 6 item with Repair Glue. 650
57 The Dark Knight Kill x3 Black Ant Soldiers. 650
58 Shiny! Dig up a buried treasure chest. 650
59 Taste This! Upgrade a Weapon down a Flavor Infusion path. 650
60 Sleek Upgrade an armor piece to sleek. 700
61 Loadout Build an Armor Dummy. 700
62 Two is Better Than One At the Super Duper, duplicate a Tier 1 item. 700
63 Lock and Key Unlock a toy treasure chest. 700
64 Muscle Juice Craft x5 Beefy Smoothies. 700
65 Mother Demon kill a Hedge Broodmother. 750
66 Stay Frosty Craft an Antlion Wide Brim. 750
67 What's That Smell? Build a Waft Emitter. 750
68 Sizzlers Kill x3 Ladybird Larva. 750
69 Walking Through Fire Bust an Everchar coal. 750
70 Walking Through Fire Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Stepping Stone Summit 800
71 Seeing Double At the Super Duper, duplicate at Tier 2 item. 800
72 Lil' Teen and the Goliath Kill a Black Ox Beetle. 800
73 Dethroned Kill the Termite King. 800
74 Top Chef Craft x3 Tier 3 meals. 800
75 Elusive Prey Kill a Scarab. 850
76 Studying the Blade Master the secrets in the BBQ spill. 850
77 Hot Tubbin' Build a Hot Tub. 850
78 Danger Roll Up Kill Roly Poly. 850
79 Why Am I Burning? Kill x3 Fire Ant Soldiers. 850
80 Long Lasting Craft x5 Sticky Smoothies. 900
81 Lord of Stings Kill x3 Wasps 900
82 All Mixed Up Complete half the MIX.Rs in the backyard. 900
83 Another Brick in the Wall Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Eastern Brick Wall 900
84 Master Smith Upgrade an armor piece or weapon to level 9. 900
85 Don't Fear The Reaper Kill Mantis. 950
86 Moth Prophesies Kill Moth. 950
87 Stirring The Hornet's Nest Disturb the wasps nest in the upper yard. 950
88 Twinsies At the Super Duper, duplicate at Tier 3 item. 950
89 The Hive Queen Kill the Wasp Queen. 950
90 Do You Believe in Magic? Craft a Candy Staff. 1000
91 Chill Out Build Fresh Storage. 1000
92 Sour Power Craft a Sour Battle Axe. 1000
93 Widowmaker Kill the Black Widow. 1000
94 Moldorc's Revenge Raise the Banner of BURG.L at Moldorc Castle Roof 1000
95 Calcium Overwhelming Acquire all Milk Molars and Mega Milk Molars in the yard. 1500
96 MIX.R Master Complete all MIX.Rs. 2500
97 Ain't the Boss of Me Equip a full armor set crafted from a boss. 3500
98 Been There Done That Discover all the Sites & Wonders in the backyard. 4500
99 Creepy Crawlers Kill the Infected Broodmother. 5000

Still with us? Good! Those are all the Apprentice Quests in Grounded that players can complete at their leisure. Many of these are completed by simply playing the game as you wish.

Please note: We will endeavor to update this table if/when any more Apprentice Quests in Grounded become available. 

You can spend all the Raw Science you earn at the Raw Science shop, which opens up after you've completed the Mysterious Machine quest and investigated the Oak Tree explosion.