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How To Unlock & Re-Roll Daily Quests in Grounded

We explain how you can first start getting daily quests in Grounded, how to re-roll them, and outline all the rewards players can earn.
How To Unlock & Re-Roll Daily Quests in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Attention, miniature adventurers! Do you want to know everything there is to know about Grounded's Daily Quests? Then we've got you covered.

We'll explain how you can unlock Daily Quests in Grounded, the Raw Science you can get as rewards for both kill and crafting variants, and how you can re-roll your options if you don't like what the game randomly gives you, so let's jump in.

Unlocking Daily Quests in Grounded

Grounded daily quests unlock reroll burgl apprentice raw science rewards
Complete 20 Apprentice Quests from the ASL to unlock Daily Quests in Grounded. (Picture: Obsidian)

There is a specific way to unlock Daily Quests in Grounded, which allows you to continue earning smaller amounts of Raw Science no matter how far you are into the game. The requirement is quite simple: you must first complete 20 Apprentice Quests from BURG.L via the Advanced System Library (ASL).

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Once you've completed 20 Apprentice Quests, you will start with the ability to complete one additional Daily Quest. The Dialy Quest slots do increase up to a maximum of four (4) slots once you've completed all Apprentice Quests.

How To Re-Roll Daily Grounded Quests

If you don't like your current Daily Quests in Grounded, or you want to refill them, then just open up your BURG.L quest log and press the corresponding button on your PC or console. The only caveat is that you have to wait one in-game day to re-roll Grounded's daily quests again.

Grounded Exclusive Daily Quests & Raw Science Rewards

Grounded daily quests unlock reroll burgl apprentice raw science rewards
Celebrate as you earn more Raw Science as rewards for completing daily quest objectives of both the kill and crafting varieties. (Picture: Obsidian)

Most of the Apprentice Quests, after completion for the first time, can form part of Daily Quests in Grounded. However, there are some differences; for example, you won't get nearly as much Raw Science, and boss kill quests are all called "Apex Predator."

Spoiler Warning: The list of BURG.L Daily Quests in Grounded does give away enemy types and items you can craft later in the game.

There are, however, also exclusive Daily Quests that don't appear anywhere else in Grounded. Check out the two tables below featuring the exclusive Daily Quest requirements and Raw Science rewards, one for the Kill quests and one for the Crafting quests.

Grounded Daily Kill Quest Requirements to Complete Raw Science Reward
Ant Brawl Kill x10 Red Worker Ants. 200
Lawn Goblins Kill x10 Lawn Mites. 200
Scratching An Itch Kill x5 Water Flea. 200
They Can Swim?! Kill x5 Diving Bell Spiders. 200
Fire in the Sky Kill x2 Firefly. 300
Boomer Bug Kill x3 Infected Larva. 400
Myrmidon Slayer Kill x5 Black Worker Ant. 400
King of the Dunes Kill x5 Antlion. 600
Termites Kill x5 Termite Worker. 600
Get Burnt! Kill x5 Fire Worker Ant. 700
Sanguine Pests Kill x5 Ticks. 700
Tiger Stings Kill x3 Tiger Mosquito. 700

There are many more daily crafting quests in Grounded, which you can view below.

Grounded Daily Crafting Quest Requirements to Complete Raw Science Reward
Combat Medic Craft x5 Fiber Bandage. 200
Aquateen Craft x5 Liquid Gills. 300
Cocktail Specialist Craft x5 Fuzz on the Rocks. 300
Deliziosa! Craft a Spaghetflea. 300
Detox Diet Craft x5 Green Machine. 300
Gastrologist Craft x5 Gastro Goo. 300
I Would Do Anything for Miteloaf Craft a Miteloaf 300
Lord of the Hedge Craft x5 Hedge Lords. 300
MerTeen Craft x5 Fluid Flippers. 300
Mighty Loaf Craft a Larvagna. 300
Pick Me Up Craft x5 Boost Juice. 300
Rage Against The Wetness Craft x5 Liquid Rage. 300
Soups Up! Craft Boatman Fin Soup. 300
Ugly Delicious Craft a Gnatchos. 300
Arachno-food-bia Craft a Spider Slider. 400
Bomberdude Craft x5 Bratburst. 400
Craft Mac N Bees Craft a Mac N Bees. 400
Omelet au Fourmi! Craft an Omelant. 400
Stack'em Up Craft x5 Worker's Comp. 400
Pocked Pollen Craft x3 Shinobi Sneeze. 500
Tastes Like Home Craft x5 Human Food. 500
Pre-Frog Pudding Craft a Tadpoloca Pudding. 600
Haute Pocket Craft an Empanadust. 600
Taste Better Than It Looks Craft a Termite Delight. 600
Wasps in the Oven Craft a Wasperole. 600
Yo Quiero Quesadillantlion Craft a Quesadillantlion. 600
The Boss Sauce Craft a Boss Sauce. 800

That's everything you need to know about Daily Quests in Grounded. Good luck; there's a lot of Raw Science to collect!