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How To Get Weed Stems In Grounded

If you're looking for Weed Stems in Grounded, we'll point you toward their location.
How To Get Weed Stems In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

Each resource in Grounded has a unique purpose, and Weed Stems are one of the more common ones you'll find and use throughout your journey. Weed Stems are used to create a variety of structures in Grounded, allowing you to build out a base and survive. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get Weed Stems in Grounded

Weed Stems Location In Grounded

weed stem grounded
You can get Weed Stems by cutting down Dandelions or Weeds. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

Weed Stems are a relatively common item. You can get them from cutting down Dandelions or Weeds, and there are some spots on the map where you’re more likely to find them than others. In fact, there are some areas where you can find Weed Stems in abundance.

There are many Weed Stems near the Hedge Lab, where there are Dandelions. This is a pretty early game location, so it’s a good spot to get Weed Stems when you’re starting out and need them for building. Of course, you can also find some near the Flower Bed which has plenty of Dandelions and Weeds. 

However, the very best place in Grounded to find Weed Stems is actually the patch in between the picnic table and the sandbox. Here, you’ll find tons of Dandelions and Weeds and thus tons of Weed Stems. This patch between the picnic table and the sandbox is the best spot to go to get them reliably, and to get lots of them at once. 

It’s a good idea to cut down any Weed Stems you see on your journey, since you’ll probably eventually use them for something. Note that Weed Stems can't be stowed in your inventory, and you'll need to carry them to where you want to use them. Weed Stems also regenerate after a couple in-game days once you've cut them down, so you can continue to farm these hot spots for as long as you’d like.