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How To Complete Grounded Mysterious Machine Quest

We explain how to complete both parts of the Mysterious Machine quest in Grounded, which is part of the game's main story.
How To Complete Grounded Mysterious Machine Quest
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Not long after you've been shrunken down to the size of an ant, you'll come across a Mysterious Machine in Grounded's vast Backyard. This structure forms part of the game's main questline, and at the start of the story, you'll have to complete three parts of the Mysterious Machine questline in order to progress.

Join us, little ones, as we explain all the steps required to complete the Repairs quest, alongside both parts of the Mysterious Machine quest in Grounded. Let's jump in!

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't played Grounded before, please note that the Mysterious Machine guide does detail some early main story info.

Grounded Mysterious Machine Part 1 Quest Solution

Grounded mysterious machine quest part 1 2 lasers repairs blocked weakening mites kill
You'll want all three lasers functioning to finally complete the Mysterious Machine quest in Grounded. (Picture: Obsidian / YouTube Magic Flyin Potato))

Once you've reached the first Field Station early on in the game, head down the wet dirt path to the right, loot the Gnat corpse, and then head further down the path until you come across a mechanical structure. That's the Mysterious Machine, and you'll automatically receive a quest. An in-game description of the quest explains: 

You have discovered a Mysterious Machine out in the yard. You have absolutely no clue what it does, and that is more than enough reason for a curious teenager to go ahead and poke around at all the bits and pieces of this potentially sensitive technology!

Oh yes, we are definitely going to poke around, so strap in...Jump on top of the structure and find a console with three buttons. Press the power button, which is the only one that works. This will cause three lasers to turn on, completing the first part of the Mysterious Machine quest in Grounded.

Grounded for Repairs Quest Solution

Grounded mysterious machine quest part 1 2 lasers repairs blocked weakening mites kill
Mites are showing on the laser's cable, weakening it! (Picture: Obsidian / YouTube Magic Flyin Potato)

In this part of the Grounded main quest, you'll have two objectives, namely:

  • Unblock the obstructed laser.
  • Find whatever is weakening one of the lasers.

We suggest first resting up, and crafting a basic Axe (Pebblet Axe) if you don't have one already. From here, your first objective is rather easy. Follow the laser that is being blocked, and you'll quickly see a blade of grass blocking the laser's path. Just chop down the blade of grass with your axe.

The next objective requires a bit of combat. Before you start, we suggest crafting a Lean-To so you can rest, recover your health, and so your little base can act as a respawn point. Now, look where the third, weak laser is coming from, and head in that direction. You'll see a cable on the ground, and some mites that you must kill. The cable leads into a small cave. Head inside and clear out any additional mites until the objective is completed.

Pro tip: To make the fight against mites easier, maybe craft a Pebblet Spear and create some Fiber Bandages.

Grounded Mysterious Machine Part 2 Quest Solution

After you've unblocked the obstructed laser and killed the mites chowing on the other laser's cable, you'll get the Mysterious Machine Part 2 quest. The only thing left to do is head back to the big machine and jump on top of it, find the console, and press the "Activate" button. 

Once you've activated the Mysterious Machine, a short cutscene will play, and you'll see an explosion at the Oak Tree not far from the device. Good luck; you're going to need it!

If you want a visual guide, check out the informative video from the YouTube channel Magic Flyin Potato below.

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