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How To Unlock Grounded New Game Plus Mode

We explain how Grounded players can unlock the Remixed Backyard, also known as New Game Plus, and what rewards await you inside.
How To Unlock Grounded New Game Plus Mode
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

The Backyard is getting remixed as new threats emerge, and Obsidian shakes things up with the Grounded New Game Plus (NG+) mode, offering fresh gameplay elements and rewards for miniature veterans.

Grounded's NG+ mode won't be a walk in the yard, that's for sure! With the unconvincing warning out of the way, let's jump in and discuss how you can unlock Grounded's New Game + Mode, featuring all the requirements players must complete, gameplay, content, and the new rewards they can earn.

Update on 17 April 2024: We've updated this article with the lab location which you will need to access to unlock New Game Plus mode via the REMIX.R. Don't worry, you don't have to kill the Infected Broodmother to enter NG+!

How To Unlock New Game+ in Grounded: Requirements Explained

Grounded New Game Plus Remixer Backyard Unlock requirements rewards new enemies bosses monsters
We can't help but wonder just how strong your base needs to be to survive in Grounded's NG+ mode. (Picture: Obsidian)

To unlock Grounded's New Game+ mode, you must first download the 1.4 (Fully Yoked) update and install it on your console or PC. With the game updated to version 1.4, you can set on a quest to explore the Remixed Backyard in NG+ mode. Your quest has four requirements, namely:

  • Defeat Hedge Broodmother
  • Defeat Mantis
  • Beat the Wasp Queen
  • Complete the Javamatic event/fight

Once you've defeated these encounters in a standard Grounded game, you can use Wendell's new creation, the REMIX.R, to jump into an alternate dimension. 

Grounded REMIX.R Lab Location

Once you've completed the four objectives, the door to the new Grounded lab will open, leading you to access the REMIX.R. In case you might have missed it, the lab is located across the Koi Pond, in the upper section of the Flower Bet. Check for a cave to the east of the area close to the Upper Grasslands section. The lab has a huge door with four monitors, indicating the objectives we've already discussed in this guide.

The Backyard is "remixed" with eerie anomalies, hidden secrets, tougher bosses, and different spawn locations, alongside a host of other content and changes you'll have to discover.

When Does Grounded's NG+ Mode Release?

Grounded's Remixed Backyard, aka the New Game Plus mode, will be released on 16 April 2024 with the 1.4 (Fully Yoked) update. The survival game will also be available on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on the same day.

Grounded NG+ Gameplay Details & Rewards

Grounded New Game Plus Remixer Backyard Unlock requirements rewards new enemies bosses monsters
In Grounded's NG+ mode, players will face creatures infused with Raw Science! (Picture: Obsidian)

First up, a quick, official description of what you can expect in Grounded's NG+ mode:

Ready for a backyard makeover, Grounded style? The New Game+ mode brings a thrilling twist to every corner of your backyard, heightening your gaming experience with unique challenges. Each playthrough morphs the backyard in astonishing ways, introducing a multitude of new system enhancements.

While you'll still build, gather and attempt to survive the treacherous Backyard in Grounded, the New Game Plus mode adds more challenging encounters with creatures "infused with the essence of Raw Science." The creatures aren't just given higher health pools like many other games, but instead, they are faster, stronger, and have unique abilities in the NG+ mode.

Players can also discover new Ominent Badges and new BURG.L Chip Trinkets with randomized properties. Further, in Grounded's NG+ mode, you can keep collecting Molars to make your character more powerful. Molar spots are randomized in the Remixed Backyard of Grounded. 

To take on the new challenges, you can also purchase the Yoking Station from the Advanced System Library (ALS) in Grounded's NG+ mode. At the Yoking Station, players will be able to upgrade their weapons to a new level (level 4), which costs "unique materials" only found in the Remixed Backyards.

While you work on unlocking New Game Plus mode in Grounded, check out the exciting "Grounded for ALL" trailer, and get hyped to jump into the backyard and attempt to survive with your tiny friends. 

If/when more information about Grounded's New Game Plus mode becomes available, we will endeavor to update this article with haste. Enjoyed this guide? Check out our ever-growing Grounded section for more!