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How To Get Sour Lumps & Globs In Grounded

Sour materials are needed in order to make powerful end game Sour weapons, but you'll need to get hold of Sour Lumps and Globs first.
How To Get Sour Lumps & Globs In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

By the time you reach endgame in Grounded, you should have evolved past the need for crude, pebble weapons. With so many materials to find, you can truly craft some bizarre creations, such as the Sour Battle Axe. This weapon deals Sour damage, akin to Acid, but to craft it you'll need to get your hands on specific Sour materials.

Sour Globs are a key component to Sour weapons, made from Sour Lumps. Given how strong these weapons can be, it's no surprise that Sour Lumps are hard to find. 

Where To Find Sour Lumps In Grounded

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Check the Upper Grasslands for Sour Worm Holes candy. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

Since Sour Globs are made from Sour Lumps, you need to prioritize getting as many Sour Lumps as you can find. You'll need to find Sour Worm Holes, which are nodes found in the upper yard. Check the Shed Surroundings, Upper Grasslands, and Moldorc Highlands.

Once you've found a Sour Worm Hole candy container, you'll need the Black Ox Hammer in order to break it apart and harvest the Sour Lumps. This is a Tier 3 hammer, and can be used to break open a variety of higher-tiered resources. It can be crafted from the following:

  • Black Ox Horn x1
  • Black Ox Part x5
  • Pupa Leather x2
  • Workbench

How To Make Sour Globs In Grounded

Once you've harvested Sour Lumps, it's time to turn them into Sour Globs. You'll need the following to craft 1 Sour Glob:

  • Sour Lump x2
  • Sturdy Whetstone x1
  • Oven

Sour Globs are currently used in two recipes: the Sour Battle Axe, which requires 2 Sour Globs, and the Sour Staff which requires 5.