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How To Unlock & Build Grass Floors In Grounded

To round out your basic base in Grounded, you'll want to build yourself some Grass Floors.
How To Unlock & Build Grass Floors In Grounded
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

In Grounded, base-building is a key part of increasing your chances of survival in the backyard. It's where you'll place your beds, your workbenches, and more. To save yourself from sleeping on the cold, dirt floor, you can build Grass Floors. But you'll need to know how to unlock them first. 

How To Get Grass Floor In Grounded

66151946995db-Grounded 09_04_2024 10_57_36.png
The ASL Terminal will be your best friend. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Grass Floors can be unlocked early on in the game, but unlike Grass Walls, you won't be able to analyze a material to simply unlock the blueprints. Instead, follow the main story quest until it leads you to investigate the Oak Tree explosion.

Enter the lab here and explore until you find a robot that's been knocked over. Help him up and he'll introduce himself as BURG.L. Aside from pointing you in your next direction, he'll also unlock the Raw Science shop where you'll be able to spend the Raw Science you've acquired thus far. 

66151946a102c-Grounded 09_04_2024 10_59_59.png
Purchase the 'Multi-Story Bases' data pack. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Head over to the ASL Terminal and open up the Raw Science shop. You'll need to purchase the 'Multi-Story Bases' data, which includes various types of grass flooring, among other data. Purchase it for 1000 Raw Science. If you need more, there should be two blobs of 500 Raw Science laying around the lab. 

With the blueprints acquired, it's now time to head back outside and build your Grass Floor.

How To Build Grass Floor In Grounded

66151946a21b3-Grounded 09_04_2024 11_25_54.png
You'll only need one material to build your Grass Floors. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Depending on how much ground you want to cover, you'll likely be crafting multiple Grass Floors. Luckily, they only require one type of ingredient: Grass Planks. Cut down a few planks and return to your base. You'll need to craft a Workbench in order to build any Grass Floors.

Open up the Workbench, select the type of Grass Floor you want to craft from the construction tab then place the blueprint on the ground where you want it. You can now bring over your Grass Planks and place them onto the blueprint. Voilà! You have a Grass Floor.