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What Does Major Threat Mean In Grounded?

Equipment in Grounded can have various traits, such as Major Threat. But how does that affect your gameplay?
What Does Major Threat Mean In Grounded?

There's more to Grounded than just equipping armor that looks cool. In fact, some armor sets come with traits that bestow additional effects. These can be an increase in Stamina regeneration, invisibility, and plenty more. Threat, or Major Threat, is one particular effect that can cause some problems.  

The Major Threat effect is tied largely to the Acorn Armor set, a Heavy Armor set that at first glance seems like great early-game equipment. If you do decide to don the armor, you should know exactly what Major Threat involves.

Major Threat Effect In Grounded Explained

The Acorn Armor adds 20% Major Threat. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

Major Threat in Grounded means players are more likely to draw the attention of enemies over other sources. So, if a Larva is fighting a Stinkbug, the bugs are 20% more likely to ignore the threat and attack you instead. 

It's a term you'll commonly hear when playing MMORPGs, when one member of the party pulls threat so that less resilient members are ignored by enemies. You'll need to be able to withstand a beating, hence why the effect is found on the Acorn Armor. This is a good tactic if you're playing with friends, as one player can pull attention, while the others focus on dealing damage. 

+Minor Threat In Grounded Explained

On the opposite side of things, there's a status effect called +Minor Threat. Rather than pull aggression, this perk decreases the chance of creatures drawing their attention to you by 10%. Building threat should largely be avoided if you want a safer trek through the backyard, this status effect is a great way to reduce it slightly. 

Note that +Minor Threat is different to Minor Threat, which builds threat by 10%.