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How To Play Grounded In Multiplayer With Friends

Here's how to play Grounded in multiplayer with your friends so you can take down baddies more efficiently and explore.
How To Play Grounded In Multiplayer With Friends

If you're a fan of survival games, you know that there's a side to them that can only be tapped into while you're playing with friends.

When teaming up with your buddies, you can have each other's back in combat, or work together to forage for supplies; and with the ability to revive your teammates, even the toughest bosses become more manageable.

Accessing Grounded's multiplayer function is quick and easy, so you can start playing with your friends as soon as possible. The world of Grounded can be scary, and tough to conquer on your own, but in a few easy steps, you can invite anyone to join you in the game.

How To Host A Multiplayer Game In Grounded

A character overlooks a ledge using binoculars.
The big, bad world of Grounded can be a challenge to face on your own. (Image: Obsidian)

Open up Grounded and navigate to the main menu, as you cannot start a multiplayer session while inside the game.

Select Multiplayer, and then select Host Online Game. After you have done this, it will let you choose between loading your previous save file or starting a new game.

You can also secure your game with a password, and change the number of players between two and four, depending on the number of friends you'd like to invite.

When you select to start a new game instead of continuing your own, the game will ask you to select either a Shared or Standard World.

If you instead continue an existing save, then you can also decide if you would like to create a shared copy of your world. Once you have set all of your preferences, you will enter the world and your game will be available to receive any online visitors.

A playable character stands in front of a garden gnome.
Big challenges can seem small if you have a good team. (Image: Obsidian)

While you are setting up to host a multiplayer session, you are given a choice between a Standard of Shared world. These are the differences between the two game modes:

Standard World:

  • Stored locally and is only managed by you.
  • Is only accessible by other players when you are also online.
  • Save files can be backed up manually and overwritten as you please.

Shared World:

  • Stored on a cloud

  • Friends can access the world even while you arent around.

  • Saves are constantly overwritten, so every action taken on the server is forever. Backup saves are impossible.

How to join a Multiplayer game in Grounded

The process for joining a multiplayer game that your friend is hosting is a lot simpler. From the main menu, select Multiplayer, then select Join Online Game.

The game will show you a list of all games that are available for you to join, as well as who is currently playing on every server.

Simply select the one you would like to join and input the password if necessary.

And that's all you need to know about how to host a Grounded Multiplayer game. Once you're ready, you and your friends can all take on the world of Grounded together.

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Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Games Studios.