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Where Is The Haze Lab In Grounded?

Here's how to get to the Haze Lab in Grounded.
Where Is The Haze Lab In Grounded?
Obsidian Entertainment

There are several different Labs in Grounded, each with its own unique layout and quirks. You'll explore these labs in a certain order according to the story, and at each one, you'll find out something new about the world of Grounded. One of these labs is the Haze Lab, which, while a bit perilous to get to, has some great resources and is an interesting landmark. Here's how to get to the Haze Lab in Grounded.

Where Is The Haze Lab In Grounded?

haze lab
The Haze Lab is located in the middle of the Haze. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

As its name implies, the Haze Lab is located in the Haze. To get to the primary entrance of the Haze Lab, you'll have to venture through the Haze and into the center of it and then approach the lab. While this is the most straightforward way to get there, it is also the most risky, since you have to go directly through the Haze, which damages you.

Make sure you craft a Gas Mask to avoid getting damaged by the Haze. If you're using this entrance, you'll also need to make sure that you bring a Splatburst or Blatburst to open up the locked door. You'll also need to use the Biometric Scanner.

biometric scanner
One of the entrances requires using the Biometric Scanner. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

The second entrance, or the pipe entrance, is a little more difficult to find, but much easier to enter once you actually find it since you won't need to venture through the Haze. Just check your map for the Exposed Pipe landmarks, find one, and head inside. There are enemies on your way to the lab, but you should be able to get past them with relative ease provided you bring strong weaponry.

You can choose either of the two entrances to the Haze Lab depending on which one is closer to you and which you're more prepared for. Generally, the pipe entrance is a safer bet.