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Where To Find Termites In Grounded

On the hunt for Termites in Grounded? Here's where you can find them.
Where To Find Termites In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

Termites are enemies that provide useful resources in Grounded when killed. Different enemies make themselves at home on different spots across the map, so you’ll need to seek them out. Termites live in Dens alongside their swarms, so to find Termites you'll first need to find one of these Dens.

Termite Locations In Grounded

the wood pile grounded
Termites are found in the Wood Pile. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

To find Termites in Grounded, you’ll want to find the Termite Den. There’s only one Termite Den in Grounded, but it’s home to tons of the little creatures. The Termite Den has two separate entrances.

It’s a good idea to remember before going in that Termites aren’t exactly a weak enemy, so you’ll want to come armed with weapons and prepared to fight. In fact, if you go deep enough into the Termite Den, you’ll even meet the Termite King. We recommend approaching this dangerous enemy late-game rather than early on.

Termite Den Location 

To get to the Termite Den’s entrances, you’ll need to go to the Shed Surroundings. This is just northwest of the Grasslands. From here, keep going north until you’ll get to the Woodpile.

The Woodpile houses both entrances: one on the ground, and one up above. To get to the upper entrance, you’ll need to complete some parkour and climb up the axe handle. Generally, it’s easier to just use the Termite Den’s lower entrance, and there aren’t any real benefits to using the higher entrance instead. 

Because Termites are such a dangerous enemy, it’s a good idea to seek out the Termite Den only if you’re in need of Termites. Otherwise, you may put yourself at risk of dying.