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xQc unbanned from GTA NoPixel main server

The Canadian streamer has been whitelisted only over a month after being “permanently banned.”
xQc unbanned from GTA NoPixel main server

Watch out Los Santos, “X” could be roaming your streets again very soon.

It was revealed in Felix "xQc" Lengyel’s most recent stream that he has been whitelisted in the NoPixel private server again after a month-long absence.

The Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying server is the biggest of its kind and hosts Twitch superstars of all popularities.

The news comes five weeks after xQc was “permanently banned” for his fifth offence.

 “I’m currently whitelisted on the server”, the Canadian streamer confirmed. “It’ll be mostly, like, super mellow, chill, off-stream most of the time… I’m probably not going to full time.”

His shenanigans were harshly criticized, natural for someone with five offences, as the RP community takes the rules and repeated wrongdoings to heart.

And while xQc could potentially bring back “X”, his NoPixel character, he set his foot down early in the conversation by confirming he’s “not going to do that.”

As far as the future of his gameplay and persona, we’ll just have to sit and wait for an announcement or until he griefs other roleplayers for content for an update.