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Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges not working

Players report broken Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges on Tuesday, 16th November. Why is this happening and can it be fixed?
Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges not working

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has just started and players are storming the servers, excited to finally play the next instalment in the legendary arena shooter franchise.

The Steam version of Halo Infinite peaked at over 270,000 players on the first day, with hundreds of thousands more playing via the Xbox app and consoles.

But, with every release of a popular and expansive online game, there will always be bugs and issues needing to be ironed out.

On the first day, players reported poor performance, there was the "blue screen" glitch, and some incompatibility issues regarding DirectX 12.  

And now, on the second evening of the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, players are reporting that their Weekly Challenges are broken and don't progress.

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges aren't completing

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges not working
The Halo Infinite battle pass is already annoying to grind, let alone without weekly challenges. (Picture: Microsoft)

We can confirm that the issue with Weekly Challenges is currently global. We have tested the problem ourselves, and numerous players on the official Halo subreddit are also reporting that the challenges are broken.

"I have two weekly challenges in which I can’t progress," writes Reddit user JimClothes. "Kill Spartans with the heatwave in PVP 0/1 Kill Spartans with the pulse carbine in PVP 0/10."

Other players are reporting similar problems, saying that their Daily Challenges are working, while Weekly Challenges simply don't register progress.

At the moment, the official Halo Support Twitter account still hasn't acknowledged the issue, so we can't comment on when this will be fixed, but we advise you to wait if you don't want to play in vain without progressing through your Weekly Challenges.

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges not working
Weekly Challenges are currently broken in Halo Infinite. (Picture: Microsoft)

Your Weekly Challenges are just one of the few ways you can progress through a battle pass that many are already condemning for being too "grind-y".

Completing Weekly Challenges will grant you a special Ultimate Reward challenge, so you will definitely want to wait for the devs to confirm they are working on a fix.


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.