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How to get Halo Infinite HCS Anaheim Twitch Drops

A new Halo Championship Series event means more Twitch Drops for Halo Infinite players to earn.
How to get Halo Infinite HCS Anaheim Twitch Drops

Despite the dwindling Halo Infinite player base, those tuning in to the Halo Championship Series (HCS) remain loyal to the iconic Xbox franchise.

To reward those who tune in to HCS Anaheim between 11th and 13th February, 343 Industries announced a new crop of Twitch drops players can earn for free.

Let's not keep you waiting and tell you everything you need to know about the HCS Anaheim Twitch drops, including how many rewards are there and how to get them. 

HCS Anaheim Twitch drops - How to get

There are five rewards for players during HCS Anaheim, each listed below.

hcs twitch drops
There are three weapon coatings. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • HCS Winter Assault Rifle Weapon Coating - Watch for one hour.
  • HCS Winter Sidekick Weapon Coating - Watch for two hours.
  • HCS Winter Battle Rifle Weapon Coating - Watch for three hours.
twitch drops halo hcs
The nameplate will be given out for tuning in to partnered co-streams. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • Championship Chalice Nameplate and Emblem - Watch a partnered co-streamer for one hour.
pose hcs halo
The pose will only be available on 13th February. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • HCS Celebration Pose - Watch one hour of the official HCS grand finals broadcast on 13th February.

HCS Anaheim - Where to watch

Below are all the official Twitch streams for you to tune in to HCS Anaheim. In addition, we encourage you to check the Halo Infinite Twitch directory to find out who have partnered streams for you to earn the nameplate.

How to link Halo and Twitch accounts

The steps are relatively simple. Here's how to connect your Halo account with your Twitch username to earn HCS Anaheim Twitch drops.

  • Head out to the Halo Waypoint site.
  • Log in with your Halo account.
  • On the Linked Accounts, look for a "Link Twitch" button.
  • Click on "Authorize", and you should be good to go.

How to claim Halo Infinite Twitch drops

Go to your Twitch Inventory and claim each Twitch Drop as you get it. To start unlocking each additional Twitch Drop, you will need to claim them as they're unlocked.

Important reminder: The time watched will not stack on the next reward until you claim your current Twitch Drop.

Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.