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Halo Infinite player wins 100 consecutive Slayer matches

A veteran Halo player scored a massive win with their beyond impressive feat of winning 100 Slayer deathmatches in Halo Infinite and has gameplay footage to prove.
Halo Infinite player wins 100 consecutive Slayer matches

Halo Infinite has seen its fair share of memorable moments and feats achieved since its launch last month. From the surprise launch of its multiplayer offering to Craig the Brute properly immortalised and Dr Disrespect awarding firm handshakes to the team at 343 Industries.

One feat that has left the Halo community stunned was the impressive winning streak by a Halo Infinite player that would make Master Chief proud. For other Halo players, this is simply something worth beholding that it demands to be recognised.

Halo Infinite player showcases insane Slayer winning streak

Mint Blitz is a longstanding member of the Halo community so much so that he has been a reliable source of information regarding campaign missions, game commentary, exploits and more. Since Halo Infinite’s launch, the streamer and content creator has provided endless hours of entertainment and still poking fun at the game.

halo infinite multiplayer slayer halo infinite multiplayer slayer winning 100 matcheshalo infinite multiplayer slayer match tracker
A Halo Infinite player monitored their progress as they amassed a 100 match winning streak on the FFA Slayer playlist. (Picture: YouTube / Mint Blitz)

They recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that has since been watched over 57,000 times and received over 2,500 Likes. They had gone the extra mile and beyond by embarking on a hellish feat of winning 100 consecutive Slayer deathmatches.

Yes, you read correctly: 100 consecutive Slayer deathmatches.

They did encounter one major problem throughout this experience as their PC crashed midway through a match when they were 10 kills deep. Regardless, they pressed on and around the 90-0 benchmark, Mint Blitz believed the impossible was possible.

halo infinite multiplayer slayer halo infinite multiplayer slayer winning 100 matches halo infinite multiplayer slayer pc crash
Mint Blitz documented the moment when the PC crashed mid-game. (Picture: YouTube / Mint Blitz)

“Winning 100 games straight was incredibly stressful,” Blitz stated in the video. “I had my friends when I was reaching the 90s, saying, ‘Oh, don’t choke on 100.’”

While the gameplay of the 100 matches had been compressed into a seven-minute-long video, taking on such a task is beyond impossible by many. For Mint Blitz, not only does this require them to have a good knowledge of most, if not all, in-game weapons and gameplay mechanics but also having a deep understanding of how each map is designed.

As some of the plays are borderline insane, the various strategies Mint Blitz used provided many with insight on approaching matches differently. The content creator forgoes the trusted sniper rifle and instead, birthed a new fan-favourite weapon, the Repulsor, by pushing his enemies back and at times, off the map.

We may not see incredible plays quite like this for a while in Halo Infinite, we congratulate and salute our fellow Spartan, Mint Blitz on this phenomenal accomplishment. We know Master Chief would be proud.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios.