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When do Halo episodes come out?

You'll want to mark your calendars to be sure not to miss a single episode of the Halo TV series moving forward.
When do Halo episodes come out?

After years of being stuck in development hell, fans of the Halo franchise can finally enjoy the newly released TV show via Paramount+.

The Halo TV project was originally scheduled to released in 2015, with none other than Steven Spielberg as one of the show's producers. Although the American icon stepped down from the series, and despite being delayed for seven years, it seems fans are enjoying the reimagination of the Halo canon. 

Now that the show has premiered, with a second season already greenlit, you may be wondering at what time do Halo episodes come out? After all, the sooner you watch it, the lesser the chances of running into unwanted spoilers.

Here's everything you need to know about the Halo TV show episode release times.

Halo TV show - Episode release times

halo tv show
The first season of Halo will run for nine episodes. (Picture: Paramount/343 Industries)

Similar to other serialised content available via streaming, the Halo TV show premieres at a set time every week.

The first season of Halo encompasses nine episodes, all premiering on Thursdays at 3 am ET (7:00 am GMT).

Barring any unforeseen delays, these are the scheduled premiere dates for the following eight episodes.

Halo TV show episode release schedule

  • Episode 2: 31st March
  • Episode 3: 7th April
  • Episode 4: 14th April
  • Episode 5: 21st April
  • Episode 6: 28th April
  • Episode 7: 5th May
  • Episode 8: 12th May
  • Episode 9: 19th May

Where to watch Halo TV show online

master chief halo
A second season of the show has already been ordered. (Picture: Paramount/343 Industries)

The only choice to watch the Halo TV show is by subscribing to the Paramount+ streaming service.

Paramount+ is still not widely available yet, sadly, and can only be accessed in certain countries and regions like Australia, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East (as a pay-TV channel), the Nordics, and United States.

Unfortunately for Master Chief fans in the United Kingdom, the only option is to wait for an eventual Paramount+ release in the UK or look for alternative-region streaming options.

For the hardcore Halo fans, it's worth pointing out that the TV show isn't a retelling of the original cannon nor an expansion of it, but rather an alternative world that's based on the rich lore from the Bungie-created franchise.

According to 343 Industries Studio Head, the show is part of the "Halo Silver timeline," to differentiate from the core Halo cannon, allowing the series to deviate if needed from the established lore.

As for ourselves, we hope to see the Flood sooner rather than later! If you're looking for more coverage of the long-running franchise, be sure to go check out our dedicated Halo page.


Featured image courtesy of Paramount/343 Industries.