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Amazing LP is back with another spectacular Hearthstone animation

In a video called Fel vs. Fire, we watch a fight between Garrosh and Illidan.
Amazing LP is back with another spectacular Hearthstone animation

If you follow closely seasons of card reveals for new Hearthstone expansions in the last couple of years, you might be familiar with the name Amazing LP.

He became widely popular for his "amazing" Hearthstone animations and real-life videos he was making for the purpose of card reveals. People were more excited for his video than for the actual card he would reveal in that video.

Her first card reveal was Luna’s Pocket Galaxy back for The Boomsday expansion, which he did in a form of a game between Jaina and Anduin, mixing real-life actors with special effects. The video was greatly executed, perfectly capturing the humour and the atmosphere of Hearthstone, and fans quickly fell in love with the work of Amazing LP.

After that, he also revealed Zul'jin for Rastakhan's Rumble expansion, and at the start of the last year Tak Nozwhisker, during the Rise of Shadows card revealing season. And so, even Blizzard was amazed by his work, and they decided to hire him in order to start doing this kind of content directly for them. Last summer, he did one for Saviors of Uldum, and now he's back with another great video.

This time, it is fully animated, without real-life actors. We watch a fight between Garrosh and Illidan, but we don't want to spoil anything to you, so just watch the video below and enjoy!