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Hearthstone dev reveals plans for Battlegrounds cosmetics, main menu revamp, old adventures achievements, more

Hearthstone's lead designer Dean Ayala has been answering another round of community questions and here's what we've learned from this Q&A.
Hearthstone dev reveals plans for Battlegrounds cosmetics, main menu revamp, old adventures achievements, more

Dean Ayala, Hearthstone's lead designer, continues with his practice of weekly Q&A sessions on Twitter, where the community asks him all kinds of questions related to Hearthstone's past, present and future.

He has been pretty open with answers, and during some of his previous sessions we've found out some really interesting details, for example, that a new playable class will probably be added at some point.

And while his latest session didn't give us something as big as a confirmation of a new class, there was still some quite interesting titbits of information in Ayala's answers.

Battlegrounds plans

hearthstone battlegrounds cosmetics
Battlegrounds players are wondering if they can have their rank shown in friend lists (Picture: Blizzard)

When it comes to Battlegrounds, which is by far the most popular Hearthstone mode of playing the game over the last year and a half, Ayala revealed several interesting things we can expect to get in the future.

He confirmed that the team is currently working on adding cosmetics to Battlegrounds.

While he didn't reveal what kind of cosmetic will that be, he explained that they had already "wrote a bunch of art descriptions things" which will then be sent to artists, but he added that it will take a while before being fully implemented into the game.

Dean also said that they want to add Battlegrounds ranks in friend lists for those players who predominately play Battlegrounds, but they need to see if it's feasible to do and that he needs to do "research to know what art/UI/engineering cost it is".

When it comes to hero rotation, he said that they will continue to add and remove heroes from the pool of currently available heroes, and noted that Queen Wagtoggle and Hooktusk will be added back into the pool at some point.


Achievements, old adventures, cosmetics, and other future plans

hearthstone adventure Achievements
Curse of Naxxramas and other adventures will have achievements, eventually (Picture: Blizzard)

Since the introduction of the Achievements system, fans have been asking for achievements to be added for the old adventures as well.

And while Blizzard confirmed that they will not add achievements for old expansions, Ayala stated that they do have plans for adding achievements for old adventures like Curse of Naxxramas and One Night in Karazhan.

He didn't go into details about what those achievements might be, but he mentioned that adventure heroes "sound like excellent achievement rewards", which means that we can get characters like Darius Crowley as new hero portraits.

He also added that they are currently working on new cosmetics and that for the future, they have plans to do a complete rework of the main menu, which hasn't changed much basically since the launch of Hearthstone back in March 2014.

hearthstone dual class expansions
Dual-class cards are a big success and they will continue making them in the future (Picture: Blizzard)

Ayala said that they really love the concept of dual-class cards, and they want to use them more often in the future, and even thinking of doing an entire year with just dual-class cards, but that he is not sure if that will be possible.

These are just some of the over 200 questions Dean has answered in this Q&A session, and you can check all of the answers here.

Hearthstone's next expansion, Forged in the Barrens, is slated for release on 30th March 2021.