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News > Card Game > Hearthstone

Hearthstone Masters Tour Montreal: Schedule, format, players, prize pool and how to watch

Montreal is the next step for the Hearthstone Masters Tour, but unfortunately just in the title since the event will be held online due to COVID-19 pandemic. Here's everything you need to know about the event!
Hearthstone Masters Tour Montreal: Schedule, format, players, prize pool and how to watch

Following the recent announcement that DreamHack Montreal has been postponed to 2021, Blizzard has shifted Masters Tour Montreal to be an online-only event.

In 2020, the Masters Tour consists of six events, each with a $500,000 prize pool, a total of $3,000,000 (USD) for Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020.

The Masters Tour consists of invitation-only tournaments where Masters Qualifier winners will get to compete against the biggest names in Hearthstone esports.

Picture: Blizzard


Masters Tour Online: Montreal Format


  • Match format: 4 Decks,best-of-5 Conquest with a ban.
  • Day 1: Five rounds of Swiss. Players will be dropped after their third match loss.
  • Day 2: Players with three or more match wins will play through 4 more Swiss pairings rounds. Top 8 players will advance into a single-elimination playoff
  • Day 3: Top 8 players will compete in the playoff.
  • Players who manage at least a 7-2 result will qualify for Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Madrid and the first Hearthstone Masters Tour of 2021.

Masters Tour Online: Montreal Players

  • Over 300 invited players from more than 40 countries.

  • Notable players: Thijs, Viper, SilveerName, Surrender, bloodyface, Firebat, Fr0zen, justsaiyan, muzzy, Zalae, tom60229, BoarControl, Bunnyhoppor, Rdu, Purple, Kolento, Pavel, etc.


Masters Tour Online: Montreal Schedule


-Swiss Round 1
September 11 9:00 AM PDT - 9:00 PM  PDT
-Swiss Round 6
September 12 9:00 AM PDT - 9:00 PM  PDT
-Top 8 Playoffs
September 13 9:00 AM PDT - 9:00 PM  PDT

Masters Tour Online: Montreal Prize Pool


Players will compete for their share of the $500,000 USD prize pool

The tournament's prize pool distribution is:

  • 1st place - $32,500
  • 2nd place - $22,500
  • 3rd place - $15,000
  • 4th place - $15,000
  • 5th-8th - $11,000
  • 9th - $3,500
Picture: Blizzard

Masters Tour Online: Montreal Casters

Masters Tour Online: Montreal Stream How-to-watch


Masters Tour Online: Montreal will be streamed live on the official Hearthstone Esports Youtube Channel (English)


Streams for other languages: