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Hitman 3 murder mystery: How to find all clues in Dartmoor mansion

Hitman 3 channels Agatha Christie for a level revolved around a murder mystery in an English mansion, so here’s how to solve it and find every clue.
Hitman 3 murder mystery: How to find all clues in Dartmoor mansion

Agent 47 becomes Poirot in Hitman 3’s Dartmoor level, where you can take on the role of a detective and solve a murder mystery case, before you assassinate someone yourself.

At Dartmoor mansion, you’re tasked with assassinating Alexa Carlisle - who has hired a detective to visit the mansion over the death of her brother Zachary. While it’s been deemed a suicide, Alexa has her suspicions that a murder may have taken place. 

As Agent 47, to kickstart the Mission Story you first have to knock out and disguise yourself as the detective - which will then trigger the ability to interrogate other family members to check whether they have alibis, along with searching rooms to find clues. 

By finding all the clues, you’ll be presented with three choices when you confront Alexa Carlisle with your verdict, allowing you to either manipulate the situation or tell the truth (and both). So here’s every clue you can find in Dartmoor mansion. 


Hitman 3 murder mystery clue locations

It's time to investigate the rooms

Zachary Carlisle’s room

This is the first location you’ll be asked to enter and it’s fairly straightforward to find all the clues. You can’t advance to the next locations without finding the majority.

 1. Zachary Carlisle’s body (scan with camera)

 2. Zachary’s laptop

 3. Suicide note on the table

 4. Whiskey bottle on the right side of the bed (scan with camera)

 5. Hidden room after pulling the book

 6. Mansion floor plan inside the hidden room

Fernsby’s Office

We’d advise searching this room next as it allows you to gain the Master Key item, which also unlocks every door in the mansion - allowing you easier access to the other rooms. You can access Fernsby’s Office by using the crowbar found round the back of the greenhouse. 

  1. Zachary’s half-burned diary in the fireplace
  2. Fernsby’s list 
  3. Fernsy’s pills on the windowsill 

Rachel’s Room

You can access Rachel’s room by either attaining the Master Key from Fernsby’s Office or climbing out a nearby window. You can also break in with the crowbar if you wish. 

  1. Documents near fireplace (scan with camera)
  2. Laptop on the table

Emma and Gregory’s Room

Much like Rachel’s room, you can also access this room by climbing out the window in the bathroom next door and using the ledge. 

  1. Greenhouse keychain next to the folding screen
  2. Muddy high heels (scan with camera)
  3. Letter from Emma’s mother on bedside table
  4. Bulldog cane (you’ll need this item later, so take with you). 

Library second floor

Using the bulldog cane (be careful where you pick it up and drop it as it’ll make people suspicious) from Emma and Gregory’s room, you’ll find a switch near the hallway where the bodyguard and maid are flirting. This will open a hidden room.

1. Montgomery’s lost letter 

Trophy Room

  1. Documents (scan with camera) 

Sitting Room

  1. Montgomery Carlisle portrait (scan with camera)


This is placed just outside the sitting room, where you’ll find some muddy footprints. 

1. Footprints (scan with camera)

Dining Room

  1. Speech on dining room table (scan with camera)


To make your way into the Greenhouse you’ll have to use the crowbar. We found the best route to be in the front door when the other guards had turned away. 

  1. Broken Lab equipment
  2. Poison dosage table (scan with camera)


Interview suspects

You'll need to quiz the family

All family members and the butler are suspects, so you’ll have to quiz each one around the mansion to cross off potential suspects. You’ll find Rebecca in the Trophy Room, Emma and Gregory in the Sitting Room, Patrick in the Library and Edward in the Dining Room. 

After questioning Rebecca, you can confirm her alibi by checking her laptop in her bedroom which reveals she was on a conference call during the time of the murder. 

Gregory and Edward’s alibi is confirmed after you interview them both, who both ventured out to the local pub. 

After quizzing Patrick, you can confirm his alibi by speaking with the maid in the staff room next to Fernsby’s Office, where she’ll explain how they both wandered together. 


Facing Alexa Carlisle

Once you have all the clues, you’ll be able to meet with Alexa by speaking with Fernsby. Here, you’ll be offered three choices on who you want to accuse - which will cause different complications within the family. 

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