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Horizon Forbidden West - What is the max level?

Aloy can acquire multiple skills and better tools to tame the mechanical wilderness of Horizon Forbidden West's world. But what is her max level cap?
Horizon Forbidden West - What is the max level?

Following the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has promised players a bigger, more immersive, and customisable experience compared to its 2017 predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Similarly to the previous entry in the franchise, Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world RPG that incentivises going off the beating path via multiple side quests and a vast, gorgeous looking rendition of Western America.

As you progress throughout the main campaign, Aloy will gain story-required abilities, such as the ability to fly; however, players can, for the most part, grind it out without needing to touch the main quest at all. 

Similarly to Horizon Zero Dawn, you'll get to explore multiple regions, meeting tribes and towns with vendors that offer compelling tools of destruction that can be paired with Aloy's increasingly effective abilities.

Here's everything you need to know about the max level Aloy can reach in Horizon Forbidden West. 

Horizon Forbidden West - Max level cap 

A staple of almost every single-player RPG, Horizon Forbidden West features a skill tree, with points unlocked as you level up Aloy. Whether it's combat, completing side-quests, or progressing through the main story, everything will net you XP.

horizon forbidden west alo
Aloy can acquire some powerful skills in Horizon Forbidden West. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

Unlike other games in the genre, Horizon Forbidden West won't allow you to earn enough skill points to unlock every ability in a single playthrough. The level cap in Horizon Forbidden West is 50. So in case you wanted to max Aloy's skill tree completely, you're out of luck.

The developers made this decision to incentivise creating different builds and take advantage of your preferred playstyle, whether that's a more stealthy one or going guns blazing.

At the moment, there is no New Game+ to take advantage of every skill you've acquired for a second playthrough of Horizon Forbidden West, but we're certain Guerrilla Games will add it on a future update.

horizon forbidden west release date
You can't unlock all skills on a single playthrough

For Horizon Zero Dawn, not only was an NG+ added, the developers introduced more complex difficulties and adept gear, which had more slots for customisation than on a first playthrough. 

So, all we have to say is don't go spending your skill points all willy-nilly. Instead, take some time to go over each tree and pick what makes a better for your own Horizon Forbidden West playthrough. 


Featured image via Guerrilla Games.