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Horizon Forbidden West Has Sold Over Eight Million Units

Sales figures for the Horizon franchise have been released and they're a doozy.
Horizon Forbidden West Has Sold Over Eight Million Units

Horizon Forbidden West has sold 8.4 million units since its release, with the entire Horizon franchise (Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Frozen Wilds, Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Burning Shores, and Horizon Call Of The Mountain) having sold over 32.7 million units.

Taken directly from a PlayStation Blog post celebrating 20 years of Guerilla Studio:

"As of April 16, 2023, the Horizon franchise has sold through more than 32.7 million units worldwide, of which Horizon Forbidden West has sold through over 8.4 million units. Millions more around the world have discovered Horizon thanks to PlayStation's subscription services and initiatives, including PlayStation Plus, and Play at Home. All told, it's a milestone we never imagined possible twenty years ago when we first started making games."

Horizon Burning Shores launched on the 18th of April 2023 and was met widely with critical acclaim. Not long after the release of that DLC expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games confirmed casually in an interview that they're currently working on Horizon 3, meaning that the future of this series is set. After the sales of the franchise so far, it's likely that Sony is looking into making a lot more sets in this universe, and we already know that they're working on a live-action Netflix series based on the games.