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Identity V Best Hunters Tier List (September 2023)

Take a look at the best hunters in Identity V in our comprehensive tier list, ranked S-D.
Identity V Best Hunters Tier List (September 2023)

With 26 unique hunters to choose from and counting in Identity V, it can be hard for new players to decide which hunters are best for them to play. While all hunters are viable even in high-rank play some tend to perform better than others thanks to the strength of their powers. Players tend to choose their mains based on their playstyle and Difficulty Level. Much like in other 4v1 games like Dead by Daylight, it can be helpful to look at a killer tier list to help you decide which hunter to play.

In this guide and tier list, we'll dive deep into the worst and best hunters in Identity V so you can choose the best character for your playstyle and skill level. Happy hunting!

31 July 2023 - We've updated this article to reflect any changes to the best hunters tier list in Identity V.

identity v hunters
Some hunters are better than others in Identity V, but what hunter you play depends somewhat on your playstyle. (Picture: NetEase)

Identity V Hunter Tier List

In our Identity V hunter tier list, we've ranked every hunter in the game from S to C. S-tier hunters are the best, easily taking down survivors with their complex or strong abilities, while C-tier hunters tend to have simpler abilities and struggle overall. Still, a good player can take on any hunter - even a C-tier hunter - and take down skilled survivors, so don't be afraid to try your hand at a wide array of characters!

Tier S Hunters

  • Wax Artist - The Wax Artist is a Difficulty 2 hunter and packs more punch than almost any other hunter in the game. The Wax Artist's many abilities allow him to effectively control the map, slow survivors down using wax, and eventually stun them entirely in place, allowing him to land extremely easy hits. Survivors can do very little when they are Waxed, but it can take some time to get them to this point.
  • Clerk - The Clerk might be one of the hardest hunters in the game to play, but she's also one of those with the highest payoff. Her ability allows him to essentially replay time, getting two attacks out of one; plus, she can reverse decode, setting survivors back. Overall, she's a well-rounded hunter who excels in most situations.
  • Dream Witch - Like the Clerk, the Dream Witch is one of the most challenging hunters to play in Identity V. When playing this hunter, you can't directly attack survivors; instead, you'll need to spawn Followers that can attach to survivors and damage them. While this ability is extremely strong, it can take some time to acquire Followers; still, it's strong enough for Dream Witch to retain her place in the S Tier.
  • Geisha - The Geisha is a chaser, through and through. She's able to dash up to survivors rapidly using her butterflies, attacking them with a speed that most hunters can only dream of achieving. That said, experienced survivors can counter her ability.

Tier A Hunters

  • Guard 26 - Guard 26 uses bombs to take down survivors and intimidate them both from a distance and at close range. With his wide range of capabilities, Guard 26 nearly tops our list as one of the game's A-tier killers. 
  • Night Watch - If you're looking for a hunter that does extremely well in chase, the Night Watch is the perfect pick. He can vault after survivors and catch up to them quickly, allowing him to perform well in chase, and even bring them closer to him using his ability, Windforce. His abilities aren't completely well-rounded, however, as he performs well at close-range but can struggle to make distance outside of pursuing survivors.
  • Naiad - If you're looking for a killer that excels in map control, the Naiad is a good high-tier pick. She can take down survivors by inflicting them with Humidity, allowing her to gain pressure and increase her power over time. 
  • Disciple - The Disciple is good at controlling survivors' actions and dominating certain areas of the map. With her Cats, she's able to stun survivors, giving her time to injure them or disable survivors. Her ability can be used frequently and has few downsides, but she jut doesn't have the chase strength or map pressure to make her an S-tier killer.
  • Bloody Queen - The Bloody Queen is an A-tier hunter largely thanks to her Aqua Mirror ability. With her Aqua Mirror, the Bloody Queen can essentially spawn a clone of herself that mirrors her exact actions in a different place. This clone can even damage survivors. With her Mirror Image ability, Bloody Queen has intense map pressure and can almost quite literally be two places at once.
  • Axe Boy - Axe Boy moves extremely quickly and ends up moving even more quickly as the map goes on, allowing him to quickly track down survivors, slow them down, and injure them. Speed is the name of the game in Identity V as hunter, so Axe Boy makes our A-tier list.
  • Breaking Wheel - The Breaking Wheel is a challenging character to master in Identity V. They have two forms to switch between: a slower, humanoid form that can throw traps, and a faster wheel form that can deal damage with spikes by running over Survivors. The wheel form can also crush pallets but makes it difficult to change directions.
  • Soul Weaver - The Soul Weaver's power to use her Thread to create webs and trap survivors is strong, but she needs time to build up her capabilities over the course of the match. As a result, she falls into the A tier instead of the S tier.
identity v killers
Guard 26 is one of the strongest hunters in Identity V. (Picutre: NetEase)

Tier B Hunters

  • The Feaster - The Feaster is an interesting character in that while he doesn't really have map pressure in the form of being able to move quickly, he can still attack survivors from most anywhere using his Tentacles.  His inability to quickly chase survivors definitely sets him back, but the map pressure that his Tentacles create cannot be understated. For this reason, he sits in the B tier.
  • Undead - The Undead differs a lot from The Feaster in that he excels in chase, meaning that he can rapidly down survivors and keep them down by camping them with little effort. The major downside to playing The Undead, though, is that, unlike any other hunter, he can't put survivors in Rocket Chairs; instead, he will need to make survivors bleed out on the ground.  He also suffers from a long cooldown.
  • Smiley Face - While not considered top tier, Smiley Face is still a formidable hunter that can hold his own in matches. His Rocket Dash can really come in handy when catching up to survivors or traveling across the map to prevent the completion of Ciphers, but this is really his only redeeming ability. 
  • Evil Reptilian - Evil Reptilian is an excellent chaser, but that's really his only strength; he doesn't excel in map traversal or preventing survivors from completing Ciphers. As a result, he's in the B tier.

Tier C Hunters

  • The Wu Chang - The Wu Chang can traverse the map effectively, with each of the hunter's White Guard/Black Guard forms offering a different advantage. The former is excellent at chasing, while the latter is better at clearing the environment and minimizing time spent stunned. Both forms will be receiving a buff in an upcoming update, which could move this hunter up a few tiers.
  • Violinist - The Violinist is often considered a C-Tier Hunter in Identity V due to several reasons. While his ability to slow down Survivors and control the map is noteworthy, his overall gameplay mechanics fall short in comparison to higher-tier Hunters. His attacks can be difficult to hit accurately, especially when Survivors are moving quickly. This can result in missed opportunities to slow down or damage Survivors, leading to wasted time and decreased effectiveness. Additionally, Survivors can easily counter The Violinist's music by staying out of its range or by utilizing perks and items that enhance their movement speed. 
  • Photographer - While The Photographer's ability to slow down decoding speed across the map is impressive, it is often not enough to keep up with higher-tier Hunters who can apply more pressure and control the map more effectively. Additionally, The Photographer's unique hitbox can be difficult to use effectively, and his slower movement speed makes it challenging to catch up with Survivors. As a result, he's a C-tier hunter.

Tier D Hunters

  • Hell Ember - This hunter has long been regarded as one of the worst hunters in the game; thankfully, though, he won't cost you anything, as you'll get him just by completing the tutorial. While he's one of the best campers in the game, he falls short in most other areas such as chase, making him a poor killer for beginners and altogether.
  • The Reaper - The Reaper is a good killer for beginners since his ability is quite simple, but he just doesn't have a lot going for him.
  • Mad Eyes - Mad Eyes is one of the most difficult hunters in the game to play, but the payoff to playing him just isn't worth it. His Fences can injure survivors, but good players can counter them. However, his speed and wide array of powers are a bit of a bonus. Still, he falls into the D tier thanks to how challenging it is for him to actually down survivors.
  • Nightmare - Like Hell Ember, Nightmare is another one of the poorest hunters in the game, and he tends to perform poorly in chase against high-ranked players. Also like Hell Ember, Nightmare falls short in many areas but boasts one strong strength: map pressure and map control.
  • Gamekeeper - The Gamekeeper moves slowly, and he, unfortunately, doesn't have a lot on his side to make up for his downfall. He only has a few simple abilities, being able to go through obstacles and place Traps, but other hunters can do what he does much better.

That's it for our Identity V hunter tier list, ranking every character in the game from S to D. If you're looking to play one of the strongest hunters in the game, then go for a character from the S-tier, but remember that all hunters are fully capable of taking down all four survivors when played by a strategic and experienced player - so don't be afraid to try out weaker hunters, too!

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