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Identity V Season 28: Release Date, New Survivors, Hunters, Map, More

When does the next season of Identity V begins and what content can we expect to see? Here's everything you need to know, from new survivors and hunters, to any map changes players can expect.
Identity V Season 28: Release Date, New Survivors, Hunters, Map, More

Identity V releases a new season every few months, with each new chapter including a new survivor or a new hunter; sometimes, NetEase goes all out and includes two characters in one update (such as during Season 22). Often, new Identity V seasons also accompany the release of new maps, content, gameplay changes, and more; so what's in store for Identity V 28?

As Season 27 comes to a close quite soon, let's talk about Identity V Season 28, including what players can expect in terms of the new survivor, hunter, cosmetics, and other content.

24 July 2023 - Page updated and checked for the latest news and information.

Season 28 Release Date Speculation

For the time being NetEase has not confirmed the official release date for Season 28. However, it doesn't take too much effort to work out when it should start. Take a look at the chart below to see the start and end times for some of the most recent previous seasons. You can also get a sense of how long these seasons typically last.

Season 21 April 28th, 2022 July 6th, 2022 70 Days
Season 22 July 6th, 2022 September 22nd, 2022 79 Days
Season 23 September 22nd, 2022 December 1st, 2022 71 Days
Season 24 December 1st, 2022 February 2nd, 2023 64 Days
Season 25 February 2nd, 2023 April 20th, 2023 78 Days
Season 26 April 20th, 2023 June 22nd, 2023 64 Days
Season 27 June 22nd, 2023 TBC TBC
Season 28 TBA TBA TBA

Based on the seasons which have come before, it's easy to see that the new season of the game always starts on the same day that the previous Identity V season ends.

With this in mind, Identity V Season 28 could start sometime in August.

aeroplanist identity v
The Aeroplanist is one of two Identity V survivors slated for release later this year. (Picture: NetEase)

Identity V Season 28 Survivor

During the Call of the Abyss VI Finals last week, NetEase confirmed the announcement of two new survivors coming soon. The two survivors are as follows:

  • Aeroplanist (Charles Holt)
  • Cheerleader (Lily Barriere)

Both characters' specific release dates, though, remain up in the air. Considering both the Aeroplanist and Cheerleader were announced to be slated for a release in the second half of 2023, it's very possible that the Aeroplanist, Charles Holt, and the Cheerleader, Lilly Barriere, could very well be included in Season 28.

Identity V Season 28 Hunter

In addition to the Aeroplanist or a different survivor, it's possible that we could see a new hunter join the game during Season 28. Also during the Call of the Abyss VI tournament finals, NetEase confirmed the announcement of a new hunter:

  • Opera Singer (Sangria)

Like the Aeroplanist and Cheerleader, it's very possible that we could see the Opera Singer join the game in Season 28; still, it could be that developers do something a bit unusual and add new characters to the game mid-chapter during Season 27. This would leave it quite up in the air as to who this season's new hunter would be.

mitsuji kamata
Three characters receive unique new cosmetics in Season 27. (Picture: NetEase)

That's about all we know so far about Identity V Season 28; it's very likely we'll see a new survivor - or multiple - along with or in lieu of a new hunter.

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