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Is Knockout City free? How to download, prices, and more

A new action game has arrived to every major console and platform, along with a special trial period for those who want to experiment with the title.
Is Knockout City free? How to download, prices, and more

Knockout City, the latest action video game from Electronic Arts and developed by Velan Studios is now available, bringing a new adventure where players can experience a reinvention of the classic dodgeball in chaotic environments full of power-ups and various game modes.

For those who tried the beta of this new title (which surpassed over a million players), they already know some of the features this game has brought with it like its battle pass, its different maps and customizations, and last but not least, its cross platform play.

However, for those who haven’t tried it but don’t want to spend a single penny, EA has announced a new special event called Block Party, where everyone will be able to try the game from now on until 30th May, for free.

Knockout City: How to download and try for free

Thanks to the Block Party, the full game will be completely free to access, allowing you to try out new contracts, listings and content EA will publish at launch without having to worry about them being out of reach.

This trial period is available through any of the major platforms and consoles, so you can get access to it wherever you want to play, but with the restriction you can only get one copy per account. 

how to play knock out city free block party(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

Below you can find every single link to any of the marketplaces where the game is available, in which you will need to add to your library and then download the title, so you can try by yourself.

Knockout City: Available editions and prices

After the Block Party ends, the trial period will be deactivated, so anytime you try to enter the game it will prompt you to buy one of two available editions:

  • Block Party Edition - US$19.99 USD: Includes the full game, 1 Epic Outfit, 1 Epic Hairstyle, 1 Epic Glasses, 1 Epic Glider, 1 Epic Intro Pose, 1 Epic KO Effect, 3 Epic Player Icons, and 500 Holobux
  • Deluxe Block Party Edition - US$29.99 USD: Includes the full game, 2 Epic Outfits, 1 Epic Hairstyle, 1 Epic Glasses, 1 Epic Glider, 1 Epic Intro Pose, 1 Epic KO Effect, 1 Epic Crew Vehicle, 3 Epic Player Icons, 3 Epic Crew Logos, 3 Epic Crew Banners, 1500 Holobux

is knock out city free(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

Finally, in case you like the game but you don’t want to lose your progress, you will need to buy any of these editions as once the trial period ends, all progress you make through it will be lost.

Knockout City is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.