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Knockout City: How to dodge, trick shots, KO opponents, and more

Learn every control and skill shot you can use to defeat your opponents and earn with the victory in this Knockout City guide.
Knockout City: How to dodge, trick shots, KO opponents, and more

Knockout City, the latest action video game from Electronic Arts and developed by Velan Studios is now available, bringing a new adventure where players can experience a reinvention of the classic dodgeball in chaotic environments full of power-ups and various game modes.

Whether you already played the beta of this title or you are about to start your adventure thanks to its Block Party trial period, the best thing you can do is start to learn every control, shot and move you can throw and make to beat your opponents on the battlefield and get away with the win.

Knockout City: Basic controls

Starting as always with the basics, this will allow you to move and flip around, and even make some fake shots or simply taunt your enemies, covering some of the most crucial features in any game of dodgeball, so you can confuse your enemies and run away with the ball in your hands.





W, A, S, D

Left Analog








Left Ctrl






Press Mouse Scroll



Right Mouse Button



Left Alt



Left Mouse Button




Up D-pad Button

Drop Ball


Left D-pad Button

Additional Emote


Down D-pad button

Fake Throw


Press Right Analog


Left Shift

Press Right Analog

Move Camera


Right Analog


Knock out city trick shots(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

Knockout City: Trick shots

To have success in any of your games, throwing the ball randomly to any place, opponent or ally will not be enough to get the victory, so you have to master the use of trick shots.

At the moment there are only two types of trick shots available, being very easy to perform once you get a grip ofthem. At first, you must know you can do a flip or spin in mid-air as if it was a double jump. Both of these actions allow the use of trick shots.

Knockout city curve ball(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

The first one is the Curve Ball, which lets you bend your shot to the left or right in a curve effect and hit your opponents. The Curve Ball can be activated if you shoot while spinning in the air using 'E' on your keyboard or 'B' on your controller.

The other one is the Lob Ball, which lets you curve your shot upwards and hit the enemies on the head. This can be activated by flipping in mid-air using 'Q' on your keyboard or 'Y' on your controller.

Knockout shot lob ball(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

Either of the trick shots can be fully charged before doing the preferred shot, however neither of these will be able to KO your opponent in one hit, as this is the work of the powerful Ultimate Moves.

Knockout City: Ultimate Moves

The Ultimate Moves (as you should have guessed) are the best shots you can do in Knockout City, however these can be activated by yourself, as these need the support of at least one of your nearby teammates to perform them.

Knockout shots(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

To activate an Ultimate Move there is one of two ways available, either you want to shoot the move, or you want to be shotted at the move. We say this as for either of the options, you or your teammate will transform into the ball that will be used as part of the move.

Whenever you want to use the Ultimate, you can turn into a ball by pressing the 'Left Alt' or 'RB' button, so your teammates can pick you up and do a charged shot. If they do a full charge, you will turn into a bomb and you will be launched into the air.

In mid-air, you can move around to position yourself above the enemy and drop a chosen location. All enemies hit in the landing area will receive massive damage, knocking them out and you will receive a point for each KO’d opponent.

Knockout city ultimate move(Picture: Electronic Arts / Velan Studios)

Just a quick note, if you are in ballform make sure there are no opponents nearby else as they can pick you up while you are locked in this position. You will need to continuously press the Jump button to release from the grasp of your opponents, or else face the consequences.

Finally, in case you will shoot the Ultimate, all you need to do is find an ally prepared with the move, pick them up and throw them at the opponents. Remember that to fully KO an opponent, you will have to charge up fully your shot before throwing your teammate.

And that’s all you need to know before entering the battlefield in Knockout City. Enjoy your stay and go kick some butts with the power of your best shots.

Knockout City is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.