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Last Epoch Arena: Keys, Tiers, Waves, Rewards & More

Get ready for a test of your mettle with our guide detailing what the Arenas are in Last Epoch, how to unlock them, their tiers, and the rewards they hold.
Last Epoch Arena: Keys, Tiers, Waves, Rewards & More
Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch boasts a diverse range of content, from an immersive campaign to endgame features like the demanding arenas. If you're planning to venture into these arenas upon reaching the endgame and haven't explored them yet, this guide is tailored for you.

Here, we will comprehensively cover everything about Last Epoch's arenas – from accessing and clearing them to detailing the rewards awaiting completion. So, without further delay, let's jump right in.

What Are Arenas In Last Epoch?

Arenas are unique end-game modes/areas in Last Epoch where players face waves of enemies to test their skills. Inside the Arenas, players must defeat five waves of enemies at a time. After every fifth wave, there is a chance to rest and resupply using barrels, a blacksmith, and a stash for sorting loot or taking a break.

Last Epoch Arenas Define
Arenas are special areas in the game dedicated to taking on waves of enemies for experience and rewards. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

It's important to note that once you leave the rest area, the next five waves come continuously, so ensure you are appropriately prepared before taking on the next set of waves. Players will be expelled from the arena if they die or choose to quit, and all progress is lost in such cases.

How To Unlock Arenas And Arena Keys

Now that you have a baseline understanding of what Arenas are let's discuss how to unlock them. To start, the Arena can be accessed from Champion's Gate, a location in the Divine Era reachable from Heoborea. To unlock them, you'll need Arena Keys.

Last Epoch Arenas Unlocking With keys
Arenas can be unlocked or attempted using Arena Keys which you can obtain via the Monolith of Fate or as rewards from previous Arena runs. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Arena Keys are special items obtainable as drops from the Monolith of Fate or as optional rewards from an Arena run. These keys are consumed/spent when used to unlock the Arena, so ensure you are ready to take on the arena before potentially wasting a key.

Arena Tiers, Waves, and Rewards in Last Epoch

Arenas come in two types of Tiers: Endless Arenas and the Arena of Champions. Endless Arenas spawn infinite waves of enemies, allowing players to compete with others and see how far they can progress. Enemies become progressively harder, and your ranking can be checked on the ladder.

Last Epoch Arenas Waves and Tiers
Arenas come in two tiers, Endless and Champion tier, with endless being waves of enemies coming at you continuously, and the Champions tier seeing you take on a final boss called a Champion after a set number of waves. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

The Arena of Champions is a mode with a fixed number of waves and a boss at the end. The difficulty and rewards scale with tiers and modifiers. This mode is slightly more challenging than endless arenas due to the faster difficulty scaling, as opposed to the more gradual increase in endless arenas.

Regarding Endless arenas, a special key, the Arena Key of Memory, allows players to resume their Endless run if they die. For instance, if you reached wave 1000 and started the Arena with a Key of Memory, you could start again from wave 500 instead of wave 0. If you have never reached wave 100, this key will start you at wave 100.

Last Epoch Arenas Defeating Champions
Champions are the more difficult tier of Arena to take on as the bosses can be quite tough, but they do drop some of the best rewards of the entire arena. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

The Arena of Champions is known for its end bosses called Arena Champions, powerful enemies mirroring the classes of Last Epoch. They use various skills from their master's, posing challenges with their strength and speed. There are three different bosses: Alfrig Wolfmaw, The Crimson Blade, and Vaion the Arsenal. Defeating them rewards unique loot:

  • Penumbra (Unique Ring) - Dropped by The Crimson Blade
  • Omen of Thunder (Unique Belt) - Dropped by Alfrig Wolfmaw
  • Vaion's Chariot (Unique Boots) - Dropped by Vaion the Arsenal

While the Arena may not be the most rewarding endgame mode, you can still acquire interesting loot, especially the unique items exclusive to the Arena Champions. These items, Penumbra, Omen of Thunder, and Vaion's Chariot, are only for Rogue, Druid, and Sentinel classes. Other classes won't have access to these items, but they will still receive XP and other random drops.

In summary, this provides a comprehensive breakdown of what the Arenas are in Last Epoch, how to locate and unlock them, and how the tiers, waves, and rewards function for each type. As always, if more information emerges about these Arenas, we'll update this article accordingly. Bookmark our Last Epoch section for the latest news, guides, and more.