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Best Last Epoch Build Planner For Each Mastery Class

You'll want to use the best Last Epoch build planner no matter which of the 15 mastery classes you choose to level.
Best Last Epoch Build Planner For Each Mastery Class
Eleventh Hour Games

On your quest to reach max level in Last Epoch, pushing through the campaign and then the endgame content such as Monolith of Fate, you'll want to plan your character build for maximum efficiency.

That's where the best Last Epoch character builder comes into play, with precise details for all 15 Mastery classes, items, passive skills, and individual skill details! 

Best Last Epoch Build Planner

Last Epoch best build planner character skills passives items uniques
Creating powerful and unique Last Epoch character builds has never been easier! (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

There is no doubt in my mind that the best Last Epoch build planner, no matter which Mastery class you choose to specialize in, is Maxroll.gg's one. You can follow this link to check it out for yourself.

Prepare to be amazed...Not only are all fifteen Last Epoch Mastery classes fully supported, including the new additions Warlock and Falconeer (with the 1.0 update), but you can even choose the best items for your build!

You can fine-tune your build from scratch or even load some pre-made builds. For example, the Chaos Bolts Warlock leveling build below, which we easily loaded with Maxroll.gg's Last Epoch character planner.

Best Last Epoch Build planner character mastery items skills passives
The best Last Epoch build planner, filled to the brim with features. (Picture: Maxroll.gg)

You can complete full specialization skill trees for each chosen skill and add Blessings and Idols, all to create your perfect build. While you don't have to create an account to get all the great Last Epoch build planner features, we do recommend you register with Maxroll.gg (it's free), so you can join the discussion about each build and even rate it!

You can save and share your build, change settings, the preferred level of your build character, and tinker with just about every aspect you can in-game. We didn't find any mission pieces, making the Maxroll.gg's Last Epoch build planner by far the best option.

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Are you taking a break from planning your best Last Epoch build, or do you want to know more about the game before jumping in? Then check out the informative Last Epoch version 1.0 overview trailer, explaining what's new from Early Access to launch.

Enjoy the best Last Epoch character builder that will help you plan ahead for every aspect, from Idols to Blessings, Items, Skills, Passives and much more.

Check out our ever-expanding Last Epoch section for a tonne of guides, news and more.