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All Last Epoch Falconer Mastery Skills Detailed

Attack your enemies from the skies as we delve into the skills and abilities of the Falconer Mastery for the Rogue class in Last Epoch.
All Last Epoch Falconer Mastery Skills Detailed
Eleventh Hour Games

Now that the Last Epoch 1.0 launch is here, players can fully immerse themselves in the game and, for those opting for the Rogue class, anticipate unlocking the Falconer Mastery skills during their progression. 

Wondering how to unlock this mastery skill and the benefits it brings? This article will provide a detailed breakdown of everything related to the Falconer Mastery skills in Last Epoch in the following sections.

How to Unlock Falconer Mastery in Last Epoch

Unlocking the Falconer Mastery class in Last Epoch follows a procedure akin to unlocking any Mastery class in the game. The process involves spending 20 experience points on your base class and progressing to Chapter 4 of the main campaign.

Last Epoch Falconer Mastery unlocking
The Falconer Mastery is a subset of the Rogue class and is unlocked at level 25 where you can choose to Ascend to it. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Upon reaching this point, completing the End of Time quest and conversing with the Forgotten Knight will trigger the Power of Mastery quest. Alternatively, if the Forgotten Knight does not have the quest, you can approach Elder Gaspar to initiate it.

After completing the quest, a popup will appear, prompting you to "Unlock Masteries." This allows you to allocate skill points to the chosen Mastery, in this case, the Falconer Mastery. Upon reaching level 25, you must opt to specialize or "Ascend" to the Falconer class, making it your primary class build.

All Last Epoch Falconer Mastery Skills Explained

Before delving into the breakdown of the class's skills and effects, let's take a brief look at the Falconer class description:

Never fight alone. Never fight fair. A master tactician who employs deceptive traps and the aid of a fearsome bird of prey. She survives due to her wits, ingenuity, and most of all, due to her falcon's loyalty.

The Falconer utilizes a companion bird, the Falcon, not merely as a summon but as an invulnerable extension of the build. The bird's damage output can be scaled with Dexterity, and its ranged capabilities make it a formidable asset without endangering the Rogue.

Last Epoch Falconer Mastery Skills Explained
Falconer Mastery uses the range and invulnerable state of the Falcon companion to devastate enemies with flurries of powerful attacks. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Now, let's explore the Falconer Mastery skills that the Rogue herself will employ:


"Summon your trusted Falcon and unleash its devastating attacks! This Mastery Skill can act as your main Damage, or you can use it to supplement your other abilities."

Explosive Trap:

"Throw traps that explode when triggered! This Skill can be specialized to trigger many other abilities. When detonated, the traps grant Buffs to you and your Falcon. It can even be converted into a Bow attack!"


"Snare enemies with your net, make them suffer from various Ailments, and drop Caltrops on the ground! You can also convert this Skill into a Trap that releases nets."

Aerial Assault:

"Your Falcon carries you forward and after dropping you off it unleashes a storm of feathers! This unique Traversal Skill offers multiple possibilities for direct Damage and Buffs."

Dive Bomb:

"Command your Falcon to ascend into the sky and then crash down on enemies with massive force!"

While mastering this unique class setup may initially pose a challenge due to its reliance on a single summon creature, strategic utilization of the invulnerable Falcon alongside these potent skills can make the Falconer Mastery class a game-changing experience.

In conclusion, this article covers everything you need to know about the Falconer Mastery class in Last Epoch, including its unlocking process and the abilities it wields. Remember that adjustments or additions to the class may occur, so stay tuned for updates in our continuously expanding Last Epoch section.