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Last Epoch Chamber of Vessels Location & Beating Majasa

Venture towards the end of your journey as we show you how to locate the Chamber of Vessels and defeat Majasa in Last Epoch.
Last Epoch Chamber of Vessels Location & Beating Majasa
Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch's campaign introduces various bosses pivotal to your progression, with the ultimate challenge being the formidable Majasa. As the final boss, Majasa is no walk in the park, posing a significant challenge to all players. 

If you're prepared to witness the conclusion of Last Epoch and are eager to learn how to locate and defeat Majasa, continue reading. This guide will provide precise instructions on finding the Chamber of Vessels, Majasa's dwelling, and strategies for overcoming this formidable foe in Last Epoch.

How To Locate the Chamber of Vessels in Last Epoch

Locating the Chamber of Vessels in Last Epoch requires progressing to Chapter 9 of the main campaign. During this chapter, the quest "Apophis and Majasa" in the Divine Era will lead you to explore a temple. Inside this temple, the Chamber of Vessels is situated. 

Last Epoch How To Find Chamber Of Vessels Chapter 9
The Chamber of Vessels can be found once players reach Chapter 9 and work their way down the tower during the final quest of this chapter. (Picture: Maxroll.GG)

Traverse the upper Temple, defeat the Diamond Matron (a snake-like enemy), and gain access to the Lower Temple. In the Lower Temple, you'll face waves of opponents, descend the stairs, and reach Majasa's arena, which marks the final location of the Chamber of Vessels.

How to Defeat Majasa in Last Epoch

Upon entering the Chamber of Vessels, the encounter with Majasa begins. This two-phase battle serves as a defensive challenge for your character, necessitating an understanding of Majasa's move set and its implications for your build.

Last Epoch How To Beat Majasa Overview
Majasa is a two-phase boss fight that stands as the ultimate test of your strength in the entire game. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Majasa's Abilities During the Fight:

  • Stone Stare: Accumulates stacks of Stone Stare, turning you to stone at 4 stacks. Avoid at all costs.
  • Siege Bolt: A Phase 1 ability that casts a potent red AoE, potentially lethal on a critical hit. Must be avoided.
  • Fire and Poison Bolt: In Phase 1, Majasa launches Poison or Fire Bolts when you're distant. Sidestep to dodge.
  • Stalactite Falling: Phase 1 ability creating Poison pools. Position yourself at the top or bottom of the arena to avoid.
  • Stomp: Phase 1, a two-step ability dealing high Lightning damage. Dodge the targeted area and subsequent lightning spikes.
  • Regen Phase 1: At 66% and 33% Health in Phase 1, Majasa summons 3 Essences with different elements. Focus on the Fire one first.
  • Melee Attack: In phase 2, Majasa becomes aggressive, applying Armor Shred with melee attacks. Difficult to avoid, focus on surviving.
  • Tail Attack: Phase 2, Majasa attacks with her tail, applying Armor Shred. Survival is prioritized over dodging.
  • Corruption Bomb: In phase 2, Majasa spits out Blood Pools, leading to a Corrupting Bomb. Avoid standing in Blood Pools.
  • Regen Phase 2: At 50% Health in Phase 2, Majasa heals by opening sarcophagi. Exploit this window to deal damage before both sarcophagi are open.
Last Epoch How To Beat Majasa Fight Tips
Follow the tips below for the smoothest fight against Majasa, but keep your wits about you as she can be unpredictable, especially in phase 2. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Tips for Defeating Majasa in Phase 1:

  • Be cautious of exclusive and dangerous abilities in Phase 1.
  • Stand at the top or bottom of the arena to ease dodging poison pools.
  • Avoid Flamethrower and use cleanse to remove Stone Stare stacks.
  • Dodge Siege Bolt, move away from Stomp, and prioritize killing Fire Essence adds.

Tips for Defeating Majasa in Phase 2:

  • Majasa heals violently at 0% Health, has aggressive behavior, and heals twice at 50% Health.
  • Don't dodge melee attacks; focus on survival.
  • Avoid Flamethrower and cleanse Stone Stare stacks.
  • Steer clear of Blood Pools and move away during a Corrupting Bomb.
  • Exploit the healing phase at 50% Health to deal damage before both sarcophagi are used.

By following these strategies, players can successfully navigate the Chamber of Vessels and conquer Majasa, the final boss in Last Epoch. For additional information, check our dedicated Last Epoch section for the latest news, guides, builds, and more.