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Last Epoch One-Shot Caches & Rewards Explained

In this guide, we discuss exactly what the One-Shot Caches are in Last Epoch, as well as how to locate them and the rewards they offer.
Last Epoch One-Shot Caches & Rewards Explained
Eleventh Hour Games

As you explore the world of Eterra, numerous chests or caches dot the landscape, offering rewards for the taking. Last Epoch features two types of caches, and among them, the One-shot Caches hold a distinct and valuable role.

If you're eager to discover these caches and learn more about their offerings, read on. This guide will elucidate how One-shot Caches function in Last Epoch and the types of rewards they provide to players.

What are the One-Shot Caches in Last Epoch?

One-Shot Caches, as opposed to regular Caches, are unique chests in Last Epoch that can only be opened once and are located in specific spots around the game. These Caches will always spawn in the same location, and the items inside will not be randomized regardless of the class you play, in contrast to the random locations and contents of regular Caches.

Last Epoch One Shot Cache What Are they
One-Shot Caches are fixed chests in the world of Last Epoch that contain Personal Items. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

What makes these One-Shot Caches desirable is that the items inside them are Personal items. This means they have affixes that you can't craft yourself, and it depends on the build you're running and whether they are useful or not.

One-Shot Cache Rewards in Last Epoch

Now, because each of these One-Shot Caches has fixed locations in the world, we can break down the rewards that you'll get from each of them quite accurately. So below, with the help of Maxroll.gg, we've compiled a list of all the One-Shot Caches, including which chapters they're located in and what they each contain.

Last Epoch One Shot Cache Rewards
Below is the list of all the Personal Items we know are inside the One-Shot Caches throughout the game. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Short Spear

  • Ch1 – The Fortress Gardens (lvl 3)

Glass Catalyst

  • Ch1 – The Keepers’ Vault (lvl 5)

Renegade Shield

  • Ch1 – Ulatri Highlands (lvl 6)


  • Ch1 – The Osprix Warcamp (lvl 7)

Slash Belt

  • Ch2 – The Shrouded Ridge (lvl 14)

Travelling Staff

  • Ch3 – The Courtyard (lvl 21)

Root Staff

  • Ch4 – Welryn Outskirts (lvl 23)

Singularity Small Idol

  • Ch5 – Titan’s Canyon (lvl 36)

Light Quiver

  • Ch7 – The Tundra (lvl 46)

Lunar Raiment

  • Ch8 – Etendell (lvl 51)

Astrolabe Catalyst

  • Ch8 – Lagon’s Isle (lvl 51)

Sapphire Amulet

  • Ch9 – The Crossroads (lvl 53)

So there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown of how the One-Shot Caches work in Last Epoch, as well as how to find them and the items they contain for creating unique and powerful builds. As always, more might be added in the future, and you can be sure to find them here or over in our dedicated Last Epoch section.