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Last Epoch Wraithlord’s Harbour: How To Get & Stats

Unleash the true power of wraiths as we explore how you can get your hands on the Wraithlords Harbour and discuss its stats in Last Epoch.
Last Epoch Wraithlord’s Harbour: How To Get & Stats
Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch boasts an extensive array of items, and although many can be discarded as superior ones are found, some possess extraordinary uniqueness in terms of power and innovation. One such item is the Wraithlords Harbour, a helmet tailored for the Acolyte class.

Not only is the Wraithlords Harbour exceptionally potent, but it also holds the distinction of being crafted in collaboration with a globally renowned actor, making it a remarkable discovery. This guide will delve into the details surrounding the Wraithlords Helm, including its acquisition process and the statistics it brings to the battlefield.

How To Get Wraithlord's Harbor in Last Epoch

The Wraithlords Harbor is a helmet exclusively designed for the Acolyte class, specifically tailored for users of the Necromancer Mastery (more details on that later). This helmet was created in collaboration with the globally acclaimed actor David Harbour, whose enthusiasm for gaming served as inspiration for its design.

To acquire the helmet, players must complete The Black Sun timeline within the Monolith of Fate. This accomplishment yields a variety of exclusive Echo rewards, potentially including Unique or Set Helmet items, with the Wraithlord’s Harbour among the possible drops.

Unlocking the Black Sun Timeline requires the prior completion of the Fall of the Outcasts timeline, set at level 66 with a total stability of 550. However, the optimal chance of obtaining the Wraithlord’s Harbour as a drop occurs in the Empowered Black Sun Monolith.

Wraithlords Harbor Item Stats and Effects in Last Epoch

Once in possession of the Wraithlords Harbor, its usage becomes a pivotal consideration. In essence, it enables users of the Acolytes Mastery to summon a Wraithlord instead of a normal Wraith when activating the ability "Summon Wraith." The Wraithlord possesses additional potent abilities, as detailed in the full item description and breakdown below:

Last Epoch Wraithlords Harbour How To Get Stats
On top of being a special collab item with a famous actor, the Wraithlords Harbor is a powerful tool in the hands of Acolytes. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)


  • +137 Armor
  • (7% to 13%) Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed
  • (13% to 23%) Minion Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed


  • +1 to Level of Summon Wraith
  • (28% to 48%) increased Minion Movement Speed
  • +(6 to 13) Minion Melee Damage
  • +(6 to 13) Minion Spell Damage
  • Casting Summon Wraith instead summons a Wraithlord
  • The Wraithlord scales with your Summon Wraith Tree and summons other Wraiths for you while in combat
  • These Wraiths still count as yours, not the Wraithlord's, and scale with your Summon Wraith tree, not the Wraithlord's Summon Wraith tree.
  • While at max wraiths, the Wraithlord casts Necrotic Beams and regularly consumes all your non-wraith minions to empower itself, gaining Temporary Maximum Health equal to 10% of their maximum health and +10 spell damage for 10 seconds.

Beyond its origin as a collaborative effort between developers and David Harbour, the Wraithlords Harbor stands as a genuinely formidable item. With the right build, it can effortlessly dominate most enemies and even bosses in the game. Make sure to give it a try the next time you delve into Last Epoch!