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League of Legends Patch 11.9: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

Being the patch the MSI 2021 will be played on, this update will bring big changes to many champions looking to diversify and shake up the meta.
League of Legends Patch 11.9: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

As every two weeks, Riot has released all the info about the new update that will arrive to League of Legends on 28th April, belonging to Patch 11.9. This patch has been chosen to play on the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, so you can expect lots of changes to try to balance the metagame.

Along with this, some items will also receive changes to counter some of the most common options in the top lane and jungle, in an effort to diversify the champions pool of these roles, as well as new skins commemorating the MSI 2021 and the Worlds 2020 champions, DAMWON Gaming.

Patch 11.9: Champion changes

league of legends patch
(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with the buffs, Kayn’s Q will receive an increase in its AD modifier when being on his Darkin form, as well as Kindred’s Q will have a reduced cooldown and more base damage to give her a stronger power spike. Kog’Maw will see his Q’s resistance reduction increased, as well as his E’s mana cost decreased, to make him a more viable option in the bot lane.

Lulu’s W will receive a reduction in its cooldown and an increase in its bonus attack speed, Sett will become more powerful with AD increases in both his W and R, while Shen’s R shields will have a reduction in its flat shielding, however these will now scale with bonus health.

Taric’s Q mana cost will also be reduced, Trundle’s E slow will be increased in its first levels, and Xerath’s Q and W will receive a strong buff in its AP damage factor.

nerfs and buffs lol 11.9
(Picture: Riot Games)

Now moving onto the nerfs, some jungle champions will be affected starting with Diana, who will see a decrease in her Armor Growth and Health Regen base stats, and her Moonsilver Blade bonus attack speed will be decreased in the first levels.

Dr. Mundo’s base armor and AD growths will be decreased, and Gragas E’s will have a nerf on its base damage. Hecarim will receive lots of changes in his base stats and all of his abilities (except his Ultimate) and Morgana W’s damage against monsters will decrease from 200% to 185%.

On the solo laners side, Garen’s W bonus resistances will be decreased, but his units kill cap will be increased, Heimerdinger’s W rocket will receive a hard nerf in its last level damage, Rumble’s passive damage will be nerfed in all levels, Vladimir’s Q cooldown will be barely increased, and Jinx received a bugfix in her Q’s crit strikes.

Patch 11.9: Items changes

11.9 patch

Onto the items, items focused on top laners and junglers will have lots of balance changes, with the most followed being the Turbo Chemtank, getting a lower bonus movement speed from 60% to 40%. The Dead Man's Plate base health will be lowered from 400 to 300.

The Sunfire Aegis will have a change of focus to the jungle, with its Immolate bonus damage to monsters increasing from 100% to 150%, and the Death's Dance will have its AD and Armor stats increased by five points.

Finally, the Moonstone Renewer will have a higher healing effect, the Prowler's Claw will be  user-friendly for those who need it in their comps, and the Wit's End will have a change on its build path, while also increasing its AD stats from 30 to 40.

Patch 11.9: Ranked Split 2 Start and Skins

lol 11.9 notes

With this patch and from 2nd May, the second split of the 2021 Ranked season will begin, adding exclusive rewards for those who achieve lots of victories including a Gwen summoner icon, Gwen emotes, and a Series 1 Eternals Capsule.

To finish, and after being one of the most awaited launches since the end of Worlds 2020, the commemorative skins of DAMWON Gaming will be released, with new skins available for Kennen, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Jhin, and Leona. Each of this will have a price of 1,350 RP, while some special chromas and icons will be available on the in-game store and as event rewards.

Also, the Conqueror Jax skin will be released along with a Prestige variant, with the original being set for 1,350 RP, while the latter will be part of the event rewards for 2,000 Tokens.