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League of Legends
League of Legends

Ninjas in Pyjamas to make League of Legends return

The storied Swedish esports organisation has expressed its desire to return to the League of Legends scene after an extended absence following relegation in 2018 for its former roster.
Ninjas in Pyjamas is looking to make its third entry into League of Legends with a return planned for sometime in 2020.

Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer for NiP, is new to the role but has been overseeing operations within the organisation since the start of the year.

While NiP initially entered into LoL by signing the former roster of Copenhagen Wolves back in 2013, a subsequent disband led to an absence of two years before a return in 2017, picking up the recently-promoted Fnatic Academy team.

The roster was then disbanded following relegation the following year. With the EU LCS replaced by the LEC, there is no longer relegation and numerous new regional leagues exist in the ecosystem including Belgian and Dutch Leagues new for 2020.

MAD Lions is the newest name in the LEC following the rebranding of Splyce by parent company OverActive Media ahead of the 2020 Spring Split.

The LCS saw the return of familiar faces of its own with Evil Geniuses acquiring the Echo Fox spot, Immortals taking the OpTic Gaming spot and a merger between Clutch Gaming and Dignitas resulting in the latter making its first LCS appearance since 2017.

In other esports titles, Ninjas in Pyjamas was recently announced as one of 13 partner teams for the ESL Pro League from Season 11 in CS:GO. The organisation also signed Swedish FIFA player Olle "Ollelito" Arbin ahead of the FUT Champions Cup IV Paris event at the end of February.