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Quickshot and the LEC fully commit for content - and we can't stop laughing

Quickshot bares all for the latest piece of LEC promotional content - cue the onslaught of community memes!
Quickshot and the LEC fully commit for content - and we can't stop laughing

Yesterday evening Trevor “Quickshot” Henry blew up twitter with a teaser for the latest in an increasingly creative - and bizarre - series of promotional content for the LEC. In the teaser in question, Quickshot posted a picture of himself completely naked (but blessedly censored) on his personal twitter. On tonight’s broadcast of the LEC, we finally found at why:



The music video premiered on the LEC Ready Check (the LEC’s pre-game show) in a parody of last week’s song of the week “On My Mind” by Diplo and SIDEPIECE, which was noted for its extremely catchy lyrics and psychedelic music video. Catchy enough, that the LEC decided to meme it.

The video depicts a number of the LEC casters and on-screen talent giving in to the beat at Laure “Bulii” Valée request - some a little more than others! Christy “Ender” Frierson’s dance moves turn proceedings into a mosh-pit, and Quickshot declares with no small tint of madness “I am the caster!”, before stripping his way down to nudity.


Quickshot LEC nude promo
(Picture: RiotQuickshot)


The LEC has been on a content-creation bend since the build-up to the Summer Split, and this is only the latest piece they’ve released. It comes as further proof of the increasing trust and commitment the broadcast crew have in the LEC to push their own ideas for content - however, off the wall it may be.



For Riot Games this will come as a breath of fresh air, especially as the LCS Summer Split kicked off to a muted reception with fans, notably the inaugural broadcast of “Friday Night League” drawing widespread community criticism.

Before we end this piece though, it would be remiss of us not to leave you with some of the choicest community creations that have come out of this mad bit of LEC content…



You can catch the LEC live over on lolesports, Twitch, and YouTube, every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm CET.