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Riot confirms three new Legendary items for LoL are in the works

Two of these Legendary items will be fully seen during the summer, while the third one could be coming up until the preseason.
Riot confirms three new Legendary items for LoL are in the works

New updates keep coming to League of Legends, after Riot has confirmed their plans to add three new Legendary items during the course of the year, accompanying other big changes announced like the reworks to both Tahm Kench and Dr. Mundo.

All this has been revealed thanks to the most recent Ask Riot development blog, a series of entries where the designers and balance team of the game spent their time, answering some of League’s biggest questions made by its community.

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As for this time, Jeevun “Jag” Sidh, Lead Game Designer on Summoner’s Rift Team, has been the one in charge of delivering the news, as two items focused on tanks and supports, and a rework to an iconic lifesteal artifact, will be introduced into the game in the following months.

Starting with a Legendary tank item, this will have a binding effect similar to how the Knight’s Vow or Zeke’s Convergence work, however this new one will be enemy-targeted, granting damage reduction against just that targeted enemy, as well as a tenacity reduction aura if you’re close to them.

Up next will be the rework to the Sanguine Blade, an item that is a solo operative fantasy, but it's stat package has struggled to support it. This item will feature a change of focus, broadening its appeal to any AD champion focused on side laning as their win condition, and taking it out of the lethality space.

Both the Legendary tank item and the reworked Sanguine Blade are expected to be launched during the summer together, as these are very focused for solo laners.

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Last but not least, the third item will be specially for the Support enchanters, featuring burst resistance similar to the Zhonya’s Hourglass effect, but with a much more supportive bend as these are champions who struggle to defend themselves when caught alone.

This last one is slated for a release during the preseason window, with more new items also coming with it that will be revealed later on as the current season progresses.

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