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Riot Games celebrates Tyler1 hitting Challenger in all roles

Twitch streamer Tyler1 is the second player ever to achieve 5-role Challenger status in League of Legends. GGWP!
Riot Games celebrates Tyler1 hitting Challenger in all roles

Twitch streamer Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has achieved Challenger rank in all roles in League of Legends, demonstrating a truly remarkable degree of versatility after attaining the highest status for top-lane and mid-lane in the same season last year.

This achievement earned him the respect of developer Riot Games, who wrote on Twitter, saying that "there's a thin line between passion and tilt" before continuing to congratulate him on "staying more focused, and walking it right into being the second ever 5-role Challenger."

Tyler1 reaches Challenger in all roles in League of Legends

On 20th February, Tyler1 was also congratulated on his monumental achievement via the official League of Legends Twitter account. Accordingly, the developers acknowledged that the Twitch star is simply built differently. "Huge congrats for hitting Challenger on all five roles," they said with a meme photo of the star's best moments.

To put the cherry on top, Riot also mentioned that Tyler1 should keep an eye on his mail because they have "a little something" headed his way to commemorate his achievement. 

We have yet to learn what this "little something" is; however, if anything, we're sure it's going to be something epic, which his community of fans will absolutely love.

For example, in September last year, Riot conceded to Tyler1's request and honoured him for reaching Challenger on mid by changing their Twitter profile photo to a meme picture of him.

Riot honoured Tyler1 for reaching Challenger in Mid lane
Riot honoured Tyler1 for reaching Challenger in Mid last year. (Picture: Twitter / League of Legends)

Tyler1 says reaching Challenger as Support was easy

Out of all the roles, Tyler1 says the easiest role to climb is Support because he "autopiloted almost all" of his ranked matches. "I'm not even kidding you, it took me 500 games, and my brain was off. I'm not even [kidding]. I was just right-clicking bot lane," Tyler1 said.

"You just have to not be terrible. Before I played Support, I said all Support players suck. The ones that just suck a little less [are the ones that] climb; it's true. It's true. They're terrible. They're all f*cking horrible," he added.

In contrast, Tyler1 says that the top lane was the most challenging because you're forced to play "meta" champions. "If you don't play these disgusting champs and try to play your own sh*t [...] top lane sucks. If you do not play meta top lane, it sucks," he said.

We commend Tyler1 on his outstanding achievements but can't help notice how he went from being arguably the most banned personality in League of Legends to the most signed creator at Riot-sanctioned events.

While some fans argue that he has become less toxic due to his years-long ban, others say that he is simply too big of a streamer for them to let him go. Others argue that, perhaps, it's a combination of these factors, and I would agree.

You can watch the moment Tyler1 cleared Challenger on all five roles in the embedded video below.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Tyler1.