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Tyler1 wants to follow in Pokimane’s footsteps with donation cap

Tyler Steinkamp, aka Tyler1, has said he wants to implement a $5 donation cap on his Twitch channel following in Pokimane's footsteps.
In a surprise move on 2nd November, Imane "Pokimane" Anys implemented a donation cap on her Twitch channel in partnership with Streamlabs. There has been quite a lot of discussion surrounding this move, as fellow Canadian streamer, Félix "xQc" Lengyel has his concerns. Now, infamous Twitch streamer Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp wants to follow in Pokimane's footsteps but for a different reason...

Tyler1 donation cap reason

If you've ever watched a big Twitch streamer for a few hours, you would have seen some big donations from fans come in. The streamer reacts by looking all excited, and thanks the viewer for the big donation, sometimes answering a question.

Tyler1's reason for thinking about implementing a donation cap on his Twitch channel does pertain to the scenario above.

Tyler1 twitch donation cap pokimane
(Picture: Tyler1)


According to Tyler1, it appears he wants to follow in Pokimane's footsteps with the donation cap because he doesn't want to act fake, and pretend to be excited when someone makes a big donation. 

In a recent stream, Tyler1 shared his thoughts on the Twitch donation cap idea after receiving a $100 donation from a fan. He replied with "Thank you for that hundred dollars" without really getting excited.

Tyler1 then continued by explaining: "Dude, I seen that uh, Poki did the five-dollar bulls%#t. You can only [donate] max five dollars. I need to do that, honestly."

The reason for this is a bit hilarious, as Tyler1 explains he "cannot stand fake reacting". The streamer continues by stating: "I mean, people send a hundred dollars, and I feel like an asshole if I’m not like, oh my god, whoah, that’s crazy. People are too stupid not to do that."

Time will tell if Tyler1 decides to follow in Pokimane's footsteps, and actually implement a donation cap on his Twitch channel.