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Riot reveals new League Identity customization system for League of Legends

Featuring a new UI and redesign of emblems and profiles, Riot Games has unveiled the biggest set of changes to League’s client to date.
Riot reveals new League Identity customization system for League of Legends

During their first presentation of the content prepared for 2021, Riot Games teased a long-awaited overhaul of the customization system for League of Legends players’ profiles, featuring new ways for players to personalize their accounts and identities in-game.

Until today, nothing else has been released from the development team about this. But today, through a post in their blog, Riot has unveiled the first details about its new League Identity customization system, bringing a new UI for the lobby, as well as redesigns of the loading and end-of-match screens.

League of Legends Identity customization system borders
(Picture: Riot Games)

“With the intent to add more Progression Identity elements in the future to better show off who you are, it’s essential that each unique item we add fits with the intended League of Legends style and meets our visual quality bars for both fantasy and clarity. In addition to that, we want you to be able to clearly select elements that match your play preferences without jumping through hoops to do so.” mentioned Cody “Codebear” Germain in the reveal.

The release of the new identity customization system will allow players to pick borders, icons, while a few personalization features are being developed alongside their TBD new systems, enabling unlimited profile settings options for all types of players.

League of Legends Identity customization system new UI
(Picture: Riot Games)

“Alongside some fairly large system introductions to the in-and-around-game experience, we wanted to clean up some of the old and untouched styles throughout our game-flow screens: lobby, loading screen, and end-of-game. In doing so, we can bring our ageing art style into 2021 and carve out some space for some new and unique content types,” added Codebear around the UI redesign.

In the presented concept, we can see an influence of the old style in the lobby with map accents and background images relatively untouched, while also reducing the noise of some of the more distinct elements to focus on identity components that allow you to stand out when you are queued up.

These changes will also come with an overhaul to the Ranked Emblems and Regalia, removing complex textures and faction alignment, and introducing a new emblematic wing shape.

League of Legends Identity customization system Ranked Emblems Regalia
(Picture: Riot Games)

The new emblems will come accompanied by Identity Crystals, designed to be a summary of players overall footprint in League being a representation of your current skills based on stats and progression.

For those who prefer to use the Prestige Levels instead, this will also suffer changes to look similar to the new Ranked Emblems, while conserving its unique aesthetic and style.

Titles will also become a new introduction into each player’s profile, being available by completing certain achievements and conditions within League over time, and last but not least, players will be able to choose perks to highlight their abilities through the revamped banners.

League of Legends Identity customization system player titles
(Picture: Riot Games)

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to talk about these changes rather early in the process. This allows us to not only gather your feedback about the direction but also sets the stage for other conversations as we get closer to some of these changes going live,” concluded Codebear.

The new League Identity customization system will be available by the end of 2021, bringing a new personalization experience for all League of Legends players.

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