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Riot reveals Prestige Roadmap for the second half of 2021

More Prestige content is coming to League of Legends during the 2021 Season, along with an overhaul to the Mythic content system.
Riot reveals Prestige Roadmap for the second half of 2021

Since its introduction into League of Legends a couple of years ago, the Prestige skins have become some of the most coveted in the game, due to the difficulty in getting them and also the changes these bring to many champions during in-game events.

In 2020, Riot has announced their plans to get rid of the current Prestige content system, which requires collecting 100 Prestige Points or 2,000 Event Tokens, in order to make it more accessible for everyone, even if players don’t want to spend a single penny to unlock them.

Diana Prestige Skin(Picture: Riot Games)

This overhaul has been delayed multiple times, as according to Adrian “KenAdamsNSA” Noordzij, Riot’s Product Lead, many of the developers in charge of this update were moved onto other teams, pushing back the Mythic Content changes to 2022.

So, to make the wait for this big overhaul worth the time, Riot has revealed the roadmap for the second half of 2021 with six new Prestige skins in development, making a total of 12 skins added during the 2021 Season into this exclusive skin line.

  • Ruined Pantheon (releasing on patch 11.14 as part of the Rise of the Sentinels event)
  • LeBlanc (for a previously released skin)
  • Kayn
  • Volibear
  • Brand
  • Morgana (Prestige Points skin, for a previously released 975 RP skin)

These skins will join the previously released in 2020, as well as the ones for Lunar Beast Fiora, Space Groove Lulu, PROJECT: Sylas, Battle Academia Leona, Conqueror Jax, and PROJECT: Zed, in the batch of content available in the final Prestige Point shop, to be released in December 2021.

Lulu Prestige Skin(Picture: Riot Games)

As for the Mythic Content Overhaul, some of the changes teased will be covering the Gemstones, as these will be transitioning into a new rare currency, with more exclusive content available for exchange with them.

Besides, the biggest one (which would attract a lot of players) will be the chance to unlock a Prestige skin without spending any money, with a new long-term reward system. More updates around these skins and the Prestige system overhaul will be revealed in the following months.

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