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T1 "sincerely apologize" for hate speech given home on organisation's Discord and socials

The comments which were directed at Nick “LS” De Cesare were consciously left on their social media channels in fear of further incensing fans over the issue of LS joining the team as a coach.
T1 "sincerely apologize" for hate speech given home on organisation's Discord and socials

Korean esport organisation T1 has released a statement today saying they "sincerely apologize" for giving a home to racist, homophobic, and personal attacks aimed at Nick "LS" De Cesare on their social media channels.

t1 hate speech discord messages nick ls de cesare
T1 put out a statement on their League of Legends Twitter account. (Picture: T1)

The unacceptable comments were prompted when a leaked conversation revealed the organisation was looking to sign De Cesare as their League of Legend coach as the organisation attempted to overhaul their struggling side.

De Cesare is American and openly gay.

"We sincerely apologize for the recent string of malicious comment that have been posted in our social media outlets and Discord channel," read the statement.

The organisation then outlined steps they will be taking to stop such an incident happening which included a temporary closure of their Discord channel, the introduction of guidelines and staff training.

The moderators that made the decision to leave the offending messages up have also been asked to leave the moderating team.

That point of who is to blame for the non-removal of the messages is likely a point of contention.

Screenshots and statements made by moderators, some of who resigned over the inaction in removing the messages, show evidence of T1 management preventing mods from deleting the comments due to pressure and oversight from board members.

T1 discord stella
A message sent to mods in T1's, now closed, Discord channel.

Staff reportedly went as far as rescinding moderator rights as they looked to both appease fans and upper-management.

The initial backlash to the signing of Seong-hun "Polt" Choi and LS was immediate. The former was accused of lacking experience in League, while the criticism LS was much more personal with allegations that his grandmother was doxxed forcing the coach to de-activate this Twitter.

T1's Korean fandom, which is almost entirely where the vitriol has come from, also hired a van, adorned with messages criticizing T1's management, to drive around Seoul before parking itself out the organisations HQs. 

T1 apologises for LS homophobic gay slurs discord channel social media
A van was hired with messages attacking T1's management. 

Whether the heat was too much for T1 or LS himself was put off the idea, T1 announced the signing of Seong-hun "Polt" Choi as GM, Jae-min "Zefa" Lee as main coach and Dae-in "Daeny" Yang, as head coach, the role originally earmarked for LS.

That is undoubtedly the biggest tragedy of this whole episode - the bigots won.