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Team MrBeast Achieves Devastating Victory Over Team Ninja In Ultimate Crown

Team MrBeast reigns supreme as the champions of Ultimate Crown. Team Ninja also takes home some glory through a bonus match.
Team MrBeast Achieves Devastating Victory Over Team Ninja In Ultimate Crown

Crown Channel’s League of Legends tournament, Ultimate Crown, is officially over after kicking off on 9th July 2022 after the competition took the stage at HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, United States. The tournament initially comprised a $150,000 prize pool; however, another bonus match of $50,000 was later added, with all prize earnings being donated to charity.

Ultimate Crown featured YouTube megastar MrBeast on one side and Twitch legend Ninja on another. Both teams rostered a multitude of players spanning professional players, superstar streamers, famous content creators, and internet personalities. After hours of action-packed entertainment, the tournament and bonus match victors were decided.

Team MrBeast Wins Ultimate Crown Against Team Ninja

Ultimate Crown Team Ninja Team MrBeast
Ultimate Crown is a charity League of Legends tournament. (Picture: Crown Channel)

In a rush of back-and-forth gameplay and plenty of bantering between the teams, Team MrBeast devastated Team Ninja in a best-of-three match. Team MrBeast comprised players, MrBeast, Emiru, Yassuo, Mizkif, and VoyBoy. On the other team, Team Ninja’s squad included Ninja, Ludwig, Tyler1, Sapnap, and DoubleLift.

Ultimate Crown banners.
Ultimate Crown features the biggest online personalities known to date. (Picture: Crown Channel)

In the first game, Team MrBeast took down Team Ninja in a somewhat close game, scoring 37-21. VoyBoy did wonders with Tryndamere, while Yassuo, one of the best mid-players in League of Legends, helped pave the way to victory. The entire team did exceptionally, and even with DoubleLift and Tyler1 trying their best at bot lane, Team MrBeast was too strong for Team Ninja.

Surprisingly, game two wasn’t any different for Team Ninja, after losing devastatingly to Team MrBeast with a score of 26-12. Like the first match, Yassuo and VoyBoy carried the game extremely hard, with the mid-main acquiring his signature champion, Yasuo. Voyboy remained unscathed throughout game two using Olaf with no deaths at all. Altogether, MrBeast stormed through Team Ninja effortlessly and took the champion’s title.

After an embarrassing 2-0 smash, Ninja called a bonus match, putting $50,000 on the line, hoping to redeem some of his team’s pride and glory. Luckily for Team Ninja, their efforts weren’t all for naught as they proceeded to steamroll Team MrBeast with a score of 11-27. 

Altogether, Team MrBeast won the original matchup against Team Ninja for the grand prize of $150,000. However, Team Ninja managed to take home some glory by winning the bonus match for $50,000. Ultimately, both teams raised a whopping $200,000 for charity during the Ultimate Crown tournament.

Ultimate Crown made quite the spectacle of a tournament worldwide, and fans hope to see more similar events. 

For further conclusion, take a look at this clip of Tyler1 casually ending the event with some more trash-talking toward his teammate, Ludwig, for supposedly being a liability at the top lane during their original matchup with Team MrBeast.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Crown Channel.