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Top 5 rookies of the LEC Spring Split 2020

With voting now open for the LEC’s Rookie of the Split award, we take a look at some of the young players who have been taking the tournament by storm.
Top 5 rookies of the LEC Spring Split 2020

If there’s one thing this year’s LEC has no shortage of, it’s rookies. With ERL graduates making up the majority of two of the league’s top teams, this year’s Rookie of the Split award will be one of the most hotly contested nominations since the award’s creation.

In every role, there has been a new face, and every one of those new faces has put on a performance exceeding their years of experience - boding well for the future of a region with so many emerging leagues with which to expand its pool of talent.

For the rundown of EU’s best rookies, and some potential nominations for Rookie of the Split, here is our breakdown of the top five upcoming talents the LEC has to offer.

Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság

One of the most talked-about new faces heading into the Spring Split, the 18-year-old Czech talent came fresh off an EU Masters victory with German team BIG.

Famous within high elo solo queue for having first reached Challenger at the age of 14, coach Peter Dun initially noticed his hyper aggressive play-style whilst scouting support Raymond "KaSing" Tsang.

Taking the highest amount of his team’s gold share over the more experienced Marek "Humanoid" Brázda, he has quickly become a player that MAD Lions trust as their primary carry.

Despite a tendency to go down in farm during laning phase (with a CS deficit at 15 minutes in 61.1% of his games), he is a team-fighting backbone for a team who loves to skirmish.

Carzzy LEC rookies
Carzzy is one to watch for the future (Picture: Lolesports) 

Norman "Kaiser" Kaiser

It seems almost unfair to include Carzzy on this list without mentioning his bottom lane partner in crime. Kaiser is, of any support in the league, possibly the most instrumental to his team’s victories.

His heavily roaming play style, coupled with jungler Zhiquiang "Shad0w" Zhao, has allowed for so many of MAD Lions’ early leads.

With 76.5% total kill participation, coming second in average assists per game only to G2’s Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle, he helps provide the setup for MAD’s damage dealers on engaging supports like Rakan, Sett and Taric.

Kaiser League of Legends
Kaiser is Carzzy's partner in crime (Picture: Lolesports)

Ivan "Razork" Martín Díaz

With an aggressive play-style and early game dominance, coming in third on this list is Misfits’ misfit jungler, Razork.

Arguably his most dominant display was the game that dealt G2 their first loss, with an absolutely picture-perfect Ekko jungle game which should be enough for his inclusion on this list alone.

However, aside from the occasional solo queue style hard carry, he is a jungler who thrives in the first few minutes of the game, providing the setup for his team to take the reins and carry the game through to a victory.

With 50% first blood participation, the second highest in the league after Marcín "Jankos" Jankowski, his confidence and early aggression are what have landed him on this list; although they can occasionally prove to be his undoing.

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Razork LEC
Razork plays for Misfits (Picture: Lolesports)

Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte

Although not ‘technically’ a rookie, having played briefly on the Misfits lineup during their roster swap in the 2019 Summer Split, Dan Dan is definitely one of the LEC’s newer players.

With the second highest total damage share of the LEC’s top laners, his cohesion with jungler Razork allows for a massive amount of lane dominance within the top lane.

The pressure he is able to provide in the early game is one of the key factors in allowing his jungler’s early game dominance - and with a preference for aggressive champions like Sett and Aatrox, he frequently shows a masterclass in how to turn top lane into your lane kingdom.

LEC rookies Dan Dan
Dan Dan is a beast in the top lane (Picture: Lolesports) 

Finn "Finn" Wiestål

As with Dan Dan, it’s dubious as to whether Finn actually counts as a rookie, this being his second LEC split; however, it seemed a little unfair not to include him on this list, being the newest player on the LEC’s Player of the Game Leaderboard.

Despite what can sometimes be a lacklustre laning phase, his ability to find engages from seemingly the most bizarre of angles is a crucial factor in many of Rogue’s teamfight wins, and his relatively high damage share shows his ability to transfer a less-than-perfect lane start into a successful late game performance.

LEC rookies Finn
Finn is in his second LEC split (Picture: Lolesports)