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Watch Man City's Aguero get lost in the world of League of Legends for the first time

The Man City star turned into a Lux main and gave fans a hilarious stream while trying to learn the ropes of Riot's LoL.
Watch Man City's Aguero get lost in the world of League of Legends for the first time

With the Premier League finally over after returning from COVID-19 prompted suspension, Man City's striking superstar Sergio "Kun" Aguero has decided to return to pick back up where he left off of on Twitch and return to his growing fanbase on the platform on a more consistent basis.

Kun Aguero League of Legends, Kun Aguero LoL, Kun Aguero Twitch
(Picture: Sergio Aguero)

The Argentinian had been largely absent since the return of the Premier League at the tail-end of June with a further injury and meniscus surgery complicating his streaming schedule, yet, Aguero still retains a huge portion of people that turned his channel into one of the fastest-growing on Twitch.

His last broadcast on 2nd August saw the 32-year-old boot-up League of Legends on stream, after claiming he had a friend over that helped him set it all up. Fans were keen to his how he would handle such a vast, convoluted MOBA.

Picking up the fan favourite Luxana Crownguard, Kun was quick on the trigger, or rather, the mouse clicking, as he got his first kill during the laning phase against an enemy Ryze.

The Argentinian's competitive nature and trash talk followed soon after with a lively chant typically heard in South American football.

"Go, go go, we're about to win," Aguero said as Lux was coming out of spawn. "They're shi*tting themselves, they're sh*tting themselves! Go hard and we win this!"

While Man City's hopes in the Champions League are still alive, Aguero will not take part in the match against Real Madrid next 7th August. Be sure to check out his Twitch channel in the meantime.

Perhaps Aguero has his eyes set on a different prize, with Riot confirming that League of Legends Worlds 2020 will be taking place this year, though under a different guise, dropping the country-wide tour format previously envisioned for a more pandemic friendly one city approach with Shanghai the chosen destination.

Is anyone looking for a rookie mid-laner?