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Messi helps Sergio Aguero become the fastest growing streamer on Twitch

The Manchester City forward has been a hit on the streaming platform amid the suspension of the Premier League.
Messi helps Sergio Aguero become the fastest growing streamer on Twitch

It's been a hard time for football fans around the world during these trying COVID-19 times. Leagues all over the world are on a hiatus while some were outright cancelled.

The silver lining for many supporters, though, has been discovering players' talent outside the pitch, like Sergio Aguero's fondness for streaming.

The Argentinian striker has been a sensation on Twitch ever since he hopped on to do regular streams over at his channel. His impact has been so substantial, he's now the fastest-growing streamer on the platform over the likes of Anomaly, Pokimane, Tfue, and Bugha according to Twitch Metrics.

On top of it, he's Top 10 in the Most Watched and Top 15 in Highest Peak Viewership for Spanish speaking streamers.


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(Picture: Twitch Metrics)


Despite English audiences not being able to consistently understand Aguero's mostly Spanish speaking streams, his personality has shined through enough for him to rise to stardom in the Twitch world.

It's thanks to this success, that the Manchester City star decided to celebrate reaching 1 million Twitch followers by giving a call to his close friend and international football icon, Lionel Messi.

In a hysterical phone call that lasted for several minutes, Aguero started the conversation by catching up Messi on his adventures while roleplaying in GTA online.



"I'm trying to get into GTA Online. It's like real life. There are even mob bosses, it's very cool."

Some of El Kun's most famous streams have revolved around the Rockstar game rather than FIFA, with hilarious interactions between the profoundly confused Argentinian and seasoned GTA role-players. 



The Barcelona star acknowledged his friend's success on the platform and admitted he even created an account of his own to interact with Sergio's chat.

"Yeah, the other day I showed up but it goes super fast (the chat)," Messi said. Kun, who seemingly ignored Leo that one time, defended himself by stating to his old friend that "this is work for me, man. I'm focused on this thing."

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The call ended with Messi teasing Sergio's decision to call him earlier that same day at 9 am, unappreciative of the superstar's schedule.

"At 9 AM? Me? Did I call you? I guess I was bored, I don't know. I just wanted to tell you 'have a good day'," Aguero responded while bursting out laughing.

You can catch Aguero streaming games like FIFA, Valorant, TA, Call of Duty and more over at his Twitch channel.